The President’s Club

This past week I had the great pleasure and honour of attending the President’s Club retreat. This unique gathering was the culmination of a full year of dedicated focus to our brand and driving our stores sales to reach this prestigious level of recognition.

While I am well aware that we have many outstanding sales professionals throughout Surplus, this was a chance to be with the ‘best of the best”!

The future leaders! Attending these events with the best in their roles was both entertaining and a great learning experience.

Team events included paintball as well as a panic room experience.  The latter of the two gave us a great opportunity to unite as a team, develop a plan and work together on a common goal.  The results were seen; we all escaped and were able to enjoy a dinner together followed by cheering the Leafs on!!! These few days together gave us all an opportunity to compare notes, share experiences and spend time learning from our Head Office Leadership team.

I appreciate this exposure as it will not only make me a better manager but a stronger team leader. My goal is to groom and develop my entire group at Store #20 to become a team of All Stars!

This company is an organization which has demonstrated its commitment to be the best in the business.  With outstanding products, an excellent marketing support program, a sales program which is second to none we will continue grow and profit. The results have been seen in our tremendous successes this past year.

I want to encourage each and every one of you who read this to dedicate yourself, set goals and work the sales program daily. Be consistent! The opportunity is yours to attend the Presidents Club next year and celebrate our achievements together! I look forward to meeting you there!