I tell you right now, you’ll need it. You’ve got insurance in your car and house, why not your furniture? You will never know what’s going to happen in a couple of years. I’ve purchased mine for only $99 for 5 years. It does cover me for cuts, burns, tears, stains, rips and a lot more. Plus, it comes with 2 bottles of cleaner and scratch guard which is fully refillable for 5 years. That’s already a bonus for not buying stain removers!

First thing is to register your product. In that way, it activates your protection under Ultra Shield's system. Read through the box that comes with your warranty and find out what’s covered or not. Now if an accident occurs on your sofa or loveseat, call them as soon as possible. They only allow 5 days for you to report it. They will instruct you on how to fix it by yourself or if that wouldn’t work, they will send in someone. They might just ask you to take some pictures and send it th

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