The living room is one of the most used place in your home. Whether you’re relaxing after a long day, grabbing a quick bite to eat and watching the game, or entertaining guests, your sofa or sectional will be well used. That doesn’t mean your sofa needs to appear worn. Follow this care guide to keep your living room furniture looking as new as the day you brought it home.

Daily maintenance

Most living room upholstery can easily be wiped down. Grab a clean, dry white hand towel or lint brush and wipe down the entire sofa. This will break up dried-on spots and remove bits of food or dirt caught up in the corners. If you have pets, this method also helps grab pet hair caught on the surface. Placement in your home also plays a big role. Most fabrics, especially leather, fade when kept in direct sunlight. Consider moving your sofa around to avoid direct light, or cover those areas exposed to direct light with a throw pillow or throw blanket.  

Spot cleaning

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