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    How To Disinfect Your Furniture

    We have been doing a lot of cleaning and disinfecting lately, you have probably got your counters, windows, fridge, cupboards and light switches all cleaned but what about where you spend most of your time? Your Furniture. Read this blog to find out how to disinfect different types of furniture. Upholstered Furniture

    1. Vacuum. Use your vacuum cleaner on upholstered furniture like your sofa, sectional or loveseat. Vacuuming fabrics with the upholstery attachments (nothing with harsh bristles.) This keeps dirt and microbial from building up and wearing into furniture over time.
    2. Spray. Don’t wash the cushion covers in the washing machine, they might shrink and no longer fit over the cushion. Instead, apply a spray-on, water-based detergent, like an upholstery-cleaning detergent or liquid soap and water. (Always spot test the product on a less noticeable area a

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    9 Health Benefits Of An Adjustable Mattress Foundation!

    Some of the health benefits of using an adjustable foundation base are:

    • Reduces Back & Sciatic Nerve Pain
    • Enhances Circulation
    • Reduces Acid Reflux & Heartburn
    • Relieves Arthritis
    • Eases Insomnia
    • Alleviates Sleep Apnea, Asthma & Snoring
    • Improves Digestion
    • Enhances Lifestyle
    • Provides IndependenceSee more for in depth information and features of our adjustable foundation.
    1. Reduces Back & Sciatic Nerve Pain: An Adjustable Foundation reduces back pain by reducing the stress and pressure put on your sciatic nerve. When you raise the head of your foundation it positions your body in a ergonomically correct position to relieve the pain and tension in your body.
    2. Enhances Circulation: Throughout the night the Foundation will keep your body in the prime position for proper circulation. Adjusting the Foundation to reduce

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