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    Financing Made Easy!

    Need furniture today, but can't pay in full? At times, Financing can be confusing, and stressful. Equal payments, Deferred payments, interest fees, what does it all mean. At Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse, we simplify the process by providing our customers with a variety of options.

    100% FREE Layaway!
    As one option, you can choose 100% Free Layaway. Although not a Financing Plan, this payment option is the easiest for most customers. There is no interest fees, no admin fees, no storage fees, no credit check, flexible payment options, with a minimal down payment required. The only downside, is the fact that you cannot take furniture home until it has been paid for. So for instance, let's say you purchase a sofa, and place it on layaway. As a customer, you can choose the initial down payment to start (most customers will choose $20), then you choose the payment schedule and amounts (all based on your income). Once the sofa has been paid for, you can schedule to take it home. It's that easy.

    Financing - Deferred Payment!
    Can't wait to get your furniture? Then this financing option may be suited for you. Deferred payment, means you delay the payment to a later date. So if you know you can pay for the furniture within the next few months, then this option is great for you. There are three options for this payment plan, either 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. The 3 month term has no admin fee, the 6 month term has a $69 admin fee, and the 12 month term has a $149 admin fee. In that time, you can set your own payment schedule and amount, and there is no interest fees, as long as the full amount is paid before the end of the agreed upon term. Things to note, the admin fee cannot be rolled into the financing, so it must be paid (along with the tax) at the time of purchase. If the full amount is not paid within the time frame, than an interest fee of 19.4% is applied and backdated to the date of the initial purchase.

    Financing - Equal Payment!
    This financing option is great for customers that require a bit more structure and simplicity. The Equal Payment Plan, takes the cost of the furniture and divides it into easy monthly payments. The great part is, there are no interest fees. So there are four payment terms with this plan: you can choose a 3 month term (no admin fee), a 6 month term ($69 admin fee), a 12 month term ($149 admin fee), or an 18 month term ($149 admin fee). Please note, the admin fee cannot be rolled into the financing, and must be paid (along with the tax) at the time of purchase.

    Applying for financing is a fast and easy process! We only need some basic information to fill out an application, and you can find out on the spot if you were approved! When approved you can pick up the furniture right away, or set up a delivery to have it in your house that night!

    Financing is the best way to have your furniture the SAME DAY, but not pay for it for up to a full year! It’s the most fun way to shop, and that’s why we call it FUNANCE!

  • Surplus Furniture Experience

    Why Shop at Surplus?

    Furniture is the third largest purchase you will make in your life; right up there with cars and houses. Finding the right items for you that will fit your home and your wallet is difficult to say the least! So why shop at Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse? The answer is – we make it simple.


    Warehouse Environment
    Many retailers invest a lot of money into showcasing their products to the consumer, using fancy displays, complete with wall coverings and accessories. Now this model poses a few problems; one, these displays incur lofty costs which then get layered into the retail price of the products. And two, these showrooms reduce the size of the warehouse space, forcing retailers to rely heavily on distribution centers to warehouse their inventory. This creates long lead times for delivery, normally 2 to 3 weeks. So not only are consumers overpaying for their furniture, but they have to wait for their delivery. An inefficient model to say the least.
    At Surplus Furniture you won't be paying for fancy showrooms or displays. Make no mistake, Surplus Furniture is a warehouse environment. No fancy showrooms, no fancy displays, just the lowest possible price on brand name, brand new, top quality furniture. Also, since Surplus Furniture is a warehouse environment, it means a lot of warehouse space for our furniture and all in-stock furniture is ready for Same Day Delivery. So low cost, brand name furniture, all ready for same day delivery is a very efficient model.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.25.12 PM

    Let's face it, we don't have extra money sitting in the bank. With increasing energy costs, property taxes, tuition fees and food costs, the cost of living has gone up 28% in the last 30 years. Has your salary? According to Stats Canada, salaries have only increased by 14%, so the 14% difference, is why financing options are a game changer when it comes to purchasing furniture.
    Most retailers have 24 month, 36 month, 48 months financing options, which is great, but remember, each option comes with a great cost to the consumer. For instance, 48 months financing normally comes with admin fees, and a lofty 30% interest fee. So that $1200 sofa set, on a 48 month financing plan, could cost you over $3,000.
    Surplus Furniture has several financing options available to customers, no different than our competitors. 3 month financing, 6 month financing and 12 month financing. However, Surplus Furniture also has a 100% Free Layaway option as well. This plan allows the consumer to dictate the payment terms and schedule, while avoiding interest fees. For instance, once an item is put on layaway, the customer sets the payment amount and the payment schedule. Pay every week, or every other week, or once a month. Up to the consumer. Also, every dollar spent on layaway, goes directly to the product.


    All this seems great, right? But you're probably wondering about delivery. Why can most places offer free delivery? While its true, some retail stores offer Free Delivery, but as the old saying going, "the devil is in the details". For instance, the free delivery is normally contingent on a purchase amount, or only on specified area's and at the very least, is worked into the price of the items. So the question most consumers must ask themselves, would you purchase a sofa set at a higher cost, as long as it came with free delivery?

    Simple, fast and affordable – three, and certainly not the only, reasons to shop at Surplus Furniture.

  • Layaway: How it Works!

    Shopping for furniture can sometimes be stressful, especially when it comes to payment. Will that be cash, credit or financing?

    Base Pepper 2pc SectionalCash requires significant upfront capital on your part, and let's face it, not everyone is blessed with a large discretionary cash balance. Credit is an easy option, but with a 29% interest rate on most credit cards, that $1,000 sofa set now costs $1300. Financing works the same way, the longer the financing term, the more you pay in interest, not too mention the upfront administration fee to set up the account. Rent to own furniture is deceivingly expensive with high interest fees mixed with a large buyout option at the end of the term. SO either you pay the full value today, or you borrow and pay the full value (plus interest) later. But by now, you must be thinking, isn't there another way?

    Thankfully, at Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse, we have another payment option available to all our customers. 100% FREE Layaway! And did you know that Surplus Furniture is one of the only furniture companies that offers this...

    How does 100% FREE Layaway work? Great question. Simply choose your furniture, then select the 100% FREE Layaway option for payment. You choose the payment amount based on what you can afford and you choose how often you make payments. Complete control. So here are the details:

    Ashley Alenya Charcoal 2pc Sofa SetControl Your Payments. Pay what you can afford, when you can afford it. It's that easy. Most financing/credit card options set your payment amount and schedule, but not with our layaway option. You can set your payment amount and how often you make the payments. Once a month, every week, it's your choice. So if you find you have a bit more flexibility at the end of the month, your payments can reflect that. Or let's say you had some unexpected bills, no worries, decrease your payments and make up the difference when you can. It's that easy.

    No Interest Fees. Did you know that consumer debt in Canada has gone up from 3.1% in 2014 to 4.1% in October 2015. Canadian's have an average of $3,745 in credit card debt. So with 29% interest fees, it's no wonder credit card debt is a leading factor in bankruptcy. There are no Interest Fees with our 100% Layaway program. You pay the cost of the item you have on layaway, nothing more.

    No Administration Fees. Most financing companies have a set (or flat) administration fee, just to have the convenience of borrowing money. This fee at times, can be several hundred dollars, which is non-refundable. Our 100% FREE Layaway program is just that, FREE. There is no cost to use our layaway program. Simply select your furniture and start your layaway program. The only cost, is the initial (first) payment, which is applied directly to the item you are placing on layaway.

    Pick up Items as they are paid for. If you have several items on your layaway, you don't have to wait to take them home and enjoy them. You can pick them up as they are paid for, so no more waiting.

    Lock in the Price. See a promotion that you just can't pass on, but your next paycheck is a few weeks away? No worries, Lock in that price today. Take advantage of the promotion today, without having to wait until your next pay check. Simply place the item(s) on layaway, make the initial payment, and wait for your next pay check. If the price of the package goes up, you still pay the lower price. There is no sense missing a great deal today.

    4520_mwOur Layaway Program is one of the unique reasons people love to buy from Surplus Furniture! Brand Name Furniture! Warehouse Pricing! Flexible Payment Options! Surplus Furniture will save you money!!!

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