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  • Furniture for Small Space Living: The Strehela Sofa

    With our population continuing to rise along with the cost of housing, small space living is becoming a lot more common among young city dwellers and even the older population deciding to downsize. This growing trend won’t seem to die down anytime soon.

    Adjusting to a small space living arrangement poses a few challenges (such as moving/transporting furniture). Thankfully Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse has a smart and attractive solution!

    Enter the Strehela Silver Sofa & Loveseat:

    Mod and modular, the Strehela sofa in steel gray delivers high style for a great value. Clean-lined, flared-arm design and neutral flannel-like upholstery are easy to love and easy to blend, with coil seat cushioning providing that much more comfort and support.
    *The clever modular design means each piece comes in a single box, with easy assembly instructions.

    You have the option to purchase both sofa & loveseat or individually. When time and space are of a luxury, this gem of a furniture can save you plenty of both without the luxury price tag.
    **The seat cushions do require manual inflation which takes approximately 24 hours to fully inflate so give yourself a day in advance if you’re planning to use the sofa. *

    Make sure you head into your local Surplus Furniture store to check out this item. You can also enjoy our Same-Day Delivery on all stock items and 100% Free Layaway. Follow this link to choose your closest store location and search 3310 to view.

  • Stay in Your Lane: The Heritage Collection by Lane Furniture

    This week we are proud to showcase our Lane Home Essentials Collection: Our commitment to quality allows us to ensure the most comforting experience for a competitive price. We only carry quality products from advanced and reputable manufactures. Lane is just one of the many brands that we carry. Their brand story and their commitment to advanced technology certainly sets them apart. Here’s a look at their history:

    In 1972, Lane bought a small reclining chair company in Tupelo, Mississippi, named Action Industries. Action Industries was founded in 1970 by Bo Bland and Mickey Holliman. Action sustained tremendous growth through gains in market share and product diversification through the next 20 years becoming a major force in the upholstered furniture industry. Today, Lane is part of the Heritage Home Group. Along with Lane, Heritage Home Group’s brands include: Broyhill, Drexel Heritage, Henredon, Hickory Chair, La Barge, Lane Venture, Maitland-Smith, Pearson, and Thomasville. These brands offer consumers the widest range of products in the furniture industry.
    *taken from*

    At Surplus Furniture & Mattress you can enjoy our Darcy Charcoal Reclining Sofa & Loveseat from Lane Home Essentials:

    The rich, deep grey shades of the Darcy Charcoal Reclining Sofa and Loveseat upholstery is smooth, soft, and subtle. They're the perfect additions to your home with clean, contemporary style with a drop-down console in the middle of the loveseat seats. The plush, pad over chaise seating is sandwiched between heavily padded arms, waterfall backs, and completed with stylish double needle contrast stitching throughout the set.

    Our latest arrivals feature these new gems from Lane:

    The Redding Grey sofa & loveseat
    Designed in soft chenille fabric with welted accents, the bold, contemporary design offers plush cushioning and stylish tapered armrests. Raised by decorative exposed feet, this stunning set is the perfect addition to your living room, family room or den.

    The Alamo Collection

    Available in taupe and grey, the frame is constructed of solid hardwood with the back cushions attached. The seat cushions are detached and feature sinuous wire springs and high-density foam providing exceptional comfort. With 100 percent polyester, soft chenille with multi-colored yarns; this sofa is a sure bet for those who value comfort and quality.

    Make sure you head into your local Surplus Furniture store to check out theses beautiful Living Sets! Don’t forget about our Same-Day Delivery on all in stock items and 100% FREE Layaway

    Follow this link to choose your closest store location and search (5043, 9572, 4330 and 9096) to view these sets.


  • 4 Quick & Easy Storage Tips For Your Space

    Whether you’re living in a tiny apartment with limited space or in a sprawled-out home, storage is something we never seem to have enough of. Lately there has been a shift in focus towards smaller spaced living further reinforcing the importance of maximizing your space while tapping into smart and creative ways to achieve this. One of the most efficient ways is through proper storage and we’re pleased to offer a few tips.

    Tip 1: Don’t Underestimate Your Bed

    The bedroom is where you spend most of your time sleeping however, it’s also a great place for storage. Why not maximize your space by purchasing a storage bed?

    Although it may not be Feng Shui and some experts may cringe at the idea of storing items under your bed, if you are lacking space, a storage bed is an efficient way to save space and take control of your inventory. Ideal for small starter apartments, modern storage beds come in a range of designs from very basic with clean lines to more luxe, upholstered options. Enter Surplus Furniture & Mattress:

    This is a contemporary style luxurious chocolate finished three-drawers chest bed made with wooden frame. The lavish bookcase headboard combines modest with contemporary design and solid wooden detailing. The elegantly designed storage drawers give your bedroom additional space along with a simplified design. Striking and cozy this twin storage bed will enhance the beauty of your bedroom and it is a perfect choice for youth.

    Tip 2: Choose a bedroom set that has enough storage

    Aside from the style of your home and your personal style, functionality is key when choosing a bedroom set. Look for adequate storage so that you can declutter; Your bedroom is a sanctuary and having clutter will only affect the romance and feel of a room. This Harlinton 6-piece grey bedroom set from the Signature Design by Ashley, is urban chic and equipped with ample storage space for your clothing and accessories. The nightstand has quick-access drawers to store your bedtime essentials. To top it off, it is also equipped with a power cord and two USB charging stations for easy access to power.

    Tip 3: Make use of your Coffee Table

    Coffee tables are not just a pretty accessory! They’re perfect for storing and displaying your favorite magazines, household ornaments and small items. Opt for our Hatsuko Dark Brown Lift Top coffee table; With its clean lines and chic style, this coffee table is contemporary style at its finest. Dark finish pairs nicely with brushed-nickel-tone hardware, while roomy lower shelf offers ample space and keeps tabletop free of clutter. The Additional storage under lift-top surface makes this an exceptional space saver.

    Tip 4: The Only Way is Up
    When space is limited, look for tall and narrow dressers or armories and corner cabinets so that your space will look less cluttered and you can move around more. Add the perfect corner piece to any room with this versatile cappuccino accent etagere complete with five tray style shelves. This contemporary piece adds additional display space as well as compliments any décor in your home.

    Space does not have to be a luxury, with these simple tips you can enjoy your living quarters without having to compromise too much on your precious belongings.

  • 6 Things You Should Know About About Our Protection Plan

    Warranties are a funny thing; most of us scoff at the cost of a warranty at the time of purchase, thinking “what could possibly happen”, or “warranties never seem to cover anything if something does happen” so we smile while declining to purchase the extended warranty. However, it’s a decision we always regret when something does happen, and we hear those fateful words “Did you purchase the extended warranty?”.

    According to Forbes, furniture is one of the largest purchases you will make, next to a home, car, retirement and education. And while we purchase insurances and warranties for each of these, why do we continue to ignore the warranty for our furniture?
    Now it is true, not all warranties are created equal, and there is some diligence required on behalf of the consumer when it comes to taking full advantage of the warranty. So, let’s take a few minutes to discuss with one of our top DM (District Manager’s) what options are available when it comes to protecting one of your largest purchases.

    Question 1. What’s the Difference Between the Manufacturer’s Warranty versus Extended Warranty?
    DM: When purchasing furniture, there are a few options available for warranty. Unless stated, all upholstery purchases come with a standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty. This covers anything manufacture related, like if the frame breaks or if the fabric separates at the seams. Surplus Furniture is excited to offer the Total Care Protection Plan, which covers any accidental cut, rips, stains or burns. We also have additional plans that cover springs, frames and reclining mechanisms for the next 5 years. All the customer has to do is contact the warranty company provided in the protection plan kit.

    Question 2. Can we purchase the warranty after the purchase?
    DM: No. You can only purchase the warranty at the time of purchase. One big factor to consider is optics; if you initially refuse the warranty, but then purchase it at a later date and immediately file a claim afterwards, it appears to the manufacturer that you only purchased the warranty in order to cover a claim.

    Question 3. Can you register your Protection Plan online?
    DM: Yes. This is a common mistake from customers. When you purchase the Total Care Protection Plan, one of the first things the customer should do is register the plan online. That way all their information is registered and stored should they need to make any warranty claims at a later date.

    Ultra Shield's Total Care Kit (Wood, Fabric & Leather)

    Question 4. So a customer purchases the Total Care Protection Plan, registers it online and now something has happened and they need to make a claim. What steps do they take?
    DM: All the customer needs to do is contact the 1-800 number provided on the protection plan kit immediately. Follow the directions over the phone or on the kit. Once the claim has been approved, the store can look after replacement or repairs of the components.

    Question 5. What happens if I am a pet owner?
    DM: Surplus Furniture is pleased to offer the 5 Year Total Care VIP Pet Protection Plan, which covers all unintentional and accidental damage from handling as well as damages caused by pets.

    Question 6. What’s included in the Protection Kit?
    DM: The Total Care Kit comes with the following:
    1) A leather protector & conditioner to prevent leather from drying and cracking
    2) A cream polish to give your wood surfaces a clean shine
    3) A scratch guard to protect the wood furniture against scratches, and
    4) Amodex ink & stain remover.

    In addition, the kit comes with a detailed protection plan/service agreement number with details on the coverage and instructions on registering your warranty. You must keep that document as well as your original invoice should you have to file a claim.

    Buying furniture shouldn’t be a stressful process. Customers should know that once they make their purchase, Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse will always be at their service to help with any concerns or questions. It’s this confidence and trust that we want to instill on our customers.

  • 4 Things You Should Know About iSave

    One of the benefits of shopping at Surplus Furniture & Mattress is the simplicity of it all. Our hassle-free and no-frills approach combined with our ability to offer a highly competitive pricing makes shopping at our stores a satisfying experience. At Surplus Furniture you won’t have to worry about hidden costs or even wonder who’s paying for all that fancy showroom displays with all the bells and whistles. What you see is what you get…and what you get is simply the lowest possible price on brand name good quality furniture.

    But there’s more…Let’s face it--shopping is always better when you know you’ve received the best deal on the product you love. It’s even better when can walk into a store with a competitor flyer and know you are getting more than a price match. With our iSave Best Price Guarantee, shopping at Surplus Furniture couldn’t be better.

    Here are a few things that you should know about our iSave Best Price Guarantee:

    1. It’s a guarantee—This is not a gimmick. With iSave we stand by our promise to save you money on our in-stock merchandise.

    2. We offer competitive pricing guaranteed. We will beat the in-stock advertised price of all local competitors by 5% - not just price matching you actually save 5%.

    3. A flyer is all you need—Walk into our store with a local flyer (mobile or printed) and our sales associates will take care of the rest.

    4. We make it easier, convenient and hassle-free for you to shop with us. With our same day delivery on all in-stock items, 100% FREE layaway as well as our flexible payment and financing options, there is no reason not to shop at Surplus Furniture! We believe in providing the best customer service while making sure you save!

    Wondering how you can save? Here are three ways you can:

    1. Visit any of our store locations across Canada

    2. Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive deals

    3. We’re social! We hope you are too—follow us on Instagram and Twitter, Like us on Facebook and stay informed!

  • Fabric Sofas? With Pets and Kids?!?

    Feeling stuck with Leather?

    Many people automatically assume that they are limited to purchasing a leather sofa when they have kids/pets at home – even though they'd really love to have fabric. Of course leather seems to be the smartest and safest choice where messy fingers and dirty paws are at play.

    While leather seems to be the practical choice, I have some fantastic news to share!! You don't have to trade what you want for fear of soiled fabric. Surplus Furniture sells a fantastic extended fabric warranty that will put even the most doubtful customers at ease.


    Total Care VIP Pet (5 Year Full replacement)

    The Total Care VIP Plan combines the coverage of the Fabric, Leather and Wood Protection Plans in one. All stains including: Accidental damage from handling. Damage caused by pets. Dye transfer. Punctures, rips or burns. Liquid marks, rings or household heat marks. Gouges, dents, scratches or chips. Nail polish remover. Checking, cracking, bubbling or peeling of finish. Glass or mirror breakage, chipping or scratches. Coverage for structures and mechanisms: Breaking of frames, panels, springs or mechanisms. Failure of integral electrical components. Lifting of veneers. Warping. Loss of silvering on mirrors.

    Talk about total peace of mine knowing not only are you supplied with 5 years of great cleaning products, you also have a replacement warranty for the major stuff – rips, tears upset bellies and so much more.

    Visit one of our locations and have one of our knowledgeable sales associates explain even more benefits. Remember options are out there. Let us help you purchase what you really want!

  • Accent Chairs

    When you are planning to host more than a handful of people in your house, it is always better to have additional seating. This is where accent chairs come into play. These are simple chairs that are placed in a room in a strategic position to offer more seating. There are two ways you can utilize an accent chair. You can either create a secondary seating space within the living room, or position the chair in such a way that it complements the textures and colours of larger pieces of furniture, like a sofa.
    Accent chairs come in a wide range of designs. It can be a large piece, like a chaise lounge, or a simple straight back chair with arms, like a rocking chair. The most important thing is that the chairs work with the rest of the furniture in the room harmoniously to provide extra seating. The living room is a very good example of where accent chairs can come in handy.

    The star feature of these chairs lay in their style and shape. They have a particularly eye-catching, shapely design. They are armless and extremely light, a feature that can be useful when it comes to moving the chair.

    The club chair is a roomy, upholstered armchair with very deep seats. This accent chair is so comfortable that you are more likely to end up snoozing happily as you engross in an interesting book. It can be used as the perfect accompaniment to a living room sofa, or in pairs as a cozy nook. The chair is most likely to have a nail head trim or leather upholstery (or both).

    Rocking chairs are typically connected to two curved pieces of wood, giving you the freedom to swing back and forth instead of staying in the same position. The chair is also comfortable because the rocking usually depends on your center of gravity, only stirring to and fro as gravity dictates. This rocking motion is the most popular reason most people use the chair as an accent chair. There are several different styles of rocking chairs, some with arms and others armless; sometimes upholstered, other times with cushions. The common denominator is that they are almost always made of wood, although some may come in different materials.
    Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse carries a wide variety of accent chairs, so make sure to visit a local Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse near you and SAVE!


  • New TV but have nowhere to put it?

    At Surplus Furniture we carry the finest TV stands with fireplace inserts that money can buy. Made by the industry leader Signature Design by Ashley Furniture, there are two different styles to choose from.

    Both measuring at 63 inches wide by 20 inches deep, the Frantin and Trinell tv stands will fit most living rooms and bedrooms conveniently adding hat perfect touch of comfort and style.

    The Frantin tv stand is a beautiful replicated oak grain, with two smooth, side gliding drawers, and has become a top seller. It showcases a tapered shape for a sculpted contemporary look with side roller glides for smooth operating drawers and adjustable shelves with warm pewter colour drawer handles.

    The flame operates with or without heat giving you a great look, and on those cold winter evenings the heat will warm up your living room making your night enjoyable.

    The Trinell tv stand is very similar as the above mentioned Frantin, sharing the same dimensions and gliding drawers. The Trinell offers a warm rustic plank finish look with its oak grain and nail head trim and handles, in a dark bronze colour, making it a favourite amongst customers.

    Just like Frantin, the fireplace insert fits giving this Trinell tv stand a fantastic look at an unbeatable price.

    Don't forget at Surplus Furniture we offer free layaway with our 5 star layaway program, as well as in store on-the-spot financing.

    So without further delay, come in today and we can get you set up with a room warming tv stand with fireplace insert !!!!

    *Please note that the 0129 Frantin and 0446 Trinell TV stands are not available in all Surplus Furniture locations. Please visit the website or call your warehouse to find out more!

  • Leather Sofa Sets Have Just Arrived!

    Leather! Leather! Leather!
    Save! Save! Save!

    Our stock of Leather Sofa Sets have just arrived at Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse! We are excited to announce that we are now carrying four different styles of leather sofa sets, in a variety of different colours. They are stylish and economic. By using a blend of Genuine Leather and Leather-Match material, these sofa sets are far more cost effective than any other leather sofa set in the market. These leather sofa sets are in stock and priced to sell so don't wait, because once they are gone, they are gone. Hurry into a Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse today!

    Genuine Leather / Leather-Match Material
    So what exactly is the difference between Genuine Leather and Leather-Match. Great question. 100% genuine leather is just that, 100% genuine leather. Easy to explain. But what's leather-match? Leather-Match is a Poly-Urethane material that is dyed to match the exact colour and feel of the leather. So by combining these two materials, Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse has created the most affordable leather sofa set on the market today!

    So how does it work?
    It's no secret that leather is expensive. When it comes to material costs, leather is 10 times the cost of any other material. So by combining 100% genuine leather and a leather-match material, you can cut the costs in half! But it has to be done right. For instance, our sofa sets have 100% genuine leather on the seat and cushions, all the area's that you touch. This gives you all the benefits of a genuine leather sofa set. Then, the rest of the sofa set is made with a leather-match material (on the back and sides) since these are the area's that are rarely touched. So again, it's genuine leather on the area's you touch, and leather match on the area's that you don't touch. This equals a leather sofa set for half the cost. In the photo below, the blue colour shows the area's of the sofa that are 100% genuine leather.



    Four Different Styles and Colours
    Selection is key when it comes to selecting the perfect leather sofa and loveseat. So at Surplus Furniture and Mattress, we carry four different styles of sofa sets in a variety of different colours (ie: Chocolate, Black and Grey). All in stock and ready for same day delivery! Hurry in and save on your NEW Leather Sofa and Loveseat set!

    0121_bk 0615_ch 0861_bk 0869_ch

  • Types of Sofas

    Shopping for sofas can be pretty tough as there are many different styles, colours, and shapes. To help narrow down the choices, we have come up with a guide to the types of sofas that we carry at Surplus Furniture.


    The English sofa is also known as rolled arm which is a bit low in relation to the high back. It is very comfortable because it is cushioned all over. This kind of design goes way back and has been a timeless choice for shoppers.


    Sectionals usually come in L or U shape and is multi-piece. It is ideal to use in small areas because the pieces can be configured depending on the space available.

    Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 2.25.21 PM


    This sofa is known for its great comfort. The cushions were designed and made separated from the frame for it to be softer. The outline of the sofa frame itself though is all about straight lines.Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 2.31.09 PM


    A futon is a sleeper sofa which can be either a sofa or a bed. It is always a good buy due to its multi-functionality.


    Loveseats are named such as it is designed to fit a couple. In Surplus Furniture, they are part of our living room sets.0324_DC_love

    For other designs of each style presented above, visit our store website and find an array of choices to fit your taste and lifestyle.

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