• Employee Profile: Bill Gill, Grand Falls, Windsor, ON

    There is more to our meaning of "The Surplus Difference". While quality furniture and service sets us apart from the others, our fun culture and high-energy work environment makes it an attractive place to work. We are always on the lookout for energetic career-minded team members and encourage our employees to share their experiences working with us!

    Bill Gill is the Store Manager in our Grand Falls Location and has been a valuable employee for two years. We're extremely excited to share his story:

    Before Surplus I had a couple of jobs. I started out at Canadian Tire and worked there for 22 yrs., spending 11 yrs. working in the hardware department; 7 of which was as dept. manager and 11 yrs. in the sports/seasonal dept. as dept. manager, and store key holder. 

    I decided I needed a career change, so I started with a small local business selling sunrooms and outdoor living products.  It was a challenge, but I enjoyed learning new things and working with different people.  I worked there for 5 yrs. and enjoyed it but I missed the retail setting and dealing more with the public, so I decided I needed 1 more change. 

    I had seen the Surplus ads for years, and it seemed interesting, so I decided I would like to give it a try and applied. I got hired in May of 2016 and I was immediately happy I made the decision to apply.  It was a whole new world for me, yet still the same as I was used to working in sales. After the initial shock of seeing the sales program and seeing things in a whole new light from what I was used to, I could see how the program would work and be very helpful.  It gives you the chance to succeed; the rest is up to you. 

    With all the new products arriving it is always a new learning experience.  In this business, as is in life, you are always learning. It is a great place to work, very innovative in its business model, and has a great team atmosphere. 

    In June 2017 I was offered the Store Manager job and gladly accepted.  It has been a great 2 yrs. at Surplus so far and I am looking forward to bigger and better things!!!

    We are currently hiring is several locations across Canada so please check out our Career page on our website for all available positions!

  • Benefits of a Mirror

    Maximize a room’s style with a well-placed mirror. Mirrors are a low-cost accessory that you can buy for your home, office, or shop. Interior decorators insist that a mirror completes the look of a room. They reflect light, open spaces and generally make a room look better. Mirrors, come in a variety of styles and personalities, so make sure you select the mirror that matches your room style. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and frames. The selection is extensive, so you won’t leave empty-handed.

    Is a mirror really that important in a room? The answer is YES! Here are the benefits of having one or more mirrors in a room:

    Create the illusion of space.
    Mirrors are cunning and can deceive the eye. A well-placed mirror can help give the appearance of more space. They can enhance something or deflect attention away from something. Awkward spaces, such as rooms with sloping ceilings or gaps can be repurposed with the right mirror. If your room has no windows, then a mirror is a great substitution. Did you know that mirrors can boost the atmosphere of your space? Place a large mirror against a wall during an event, and you can effectively create the illusion that there are more guests at the gathering.

    Increase lighting.
    Simply place a mirror opposite, or next to a window to increase the natural light cast into the room. The mirror will harness the daylight and provide a brighter space. They effectively double your light source. If your space is cavernous and lacking in light, then place the mirror next to a lamp. You can even use mirrors outside to expand the horizon of an enclosed garden, or to catch a glimpse of wildlife, or to create the illusion of more greenery. The more natural light that enters your space, will save you on electrical costs.

    Focal Point
    In rooms with no fireplace or mantelpieces, a mirror is a great tool for dictating the centre of the room. A mirror with an ornate frame works just as well as a painting when it comes to decorating your home. Plus, be bold, try a different shape for the mirror. Sometimes a mirror with an unusual shape can provide a great wow-factor to a room.


    Hide imperfections in a room.
    If a wall in your home has an unsightly hole, paint scratch, or discolored paint, just hang a beautiful mirror in that spot and it immediately hides that imperfection. If you need a large wall area to cover, place an oversize mirror to do the trick.

    Practical use.
    Of all the benefits of a mirror, the most important one is its functional use. You use a mirror to check on yourself before leaving the house, for your grooming rituals, etc. Make sure that you clean your mirror periodically.

    So now you have purchased your mirror. Now what to do? Here are a few tips for hanging your mirror.

    Consider reflection
    Before hanging your mirror, make sure you know what will be reflected in it. For instance, do not hang directly in the path of the sun, as you may be blinded when entering a room. Or make sure it is not reflecting something unattractive, like the washroom.

    Pick somewhere visually appealing, a mirror should always be hung at the appropriate height for the space. Unlike art, in most cases, mirrors should be hung at eye level.

    Think Big
    Don’t be afraid of large mirrors, they create the illusion of space and depth, so they can make smaller rooms look and feel bigger. Full length mirrors leaning against a wall are always a decorative hit for tiny rooms.

    Mirrors come in a variety of styles, modern, traditional, edgy and classic. It all depends on the frame, so consider what effect you want to create for your room.

    Hang Properly
    Make sure you hang your mirror properly. A small nail hammered into the wall won’t cut it. User proper wall hooks or picture hangers (one on both ends). You want to ensure the mirror is flush against the wall. If the mirror is very heavy, have it hung by professionals. Mirrors that are not properly hung can be very dangerous.

    Check out the wide variety of mirrors at Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse. Styles from Antique silver mirrors, cappuccino mirrors, Oak Wood Grain Mirrors, Beaded Mirrors and much much more. All at an unbelievable price starting from only $48. In stock and ready for same day delivery.

    Shop where it makes sense and save at Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse.

  • Check out the 3590 Charcoal Sleeper Sofa from Ashley Furniture!

    3590 Sleeper Sofa From Ashley Furniture!

    Is your room tight on space? Do you have guests frequently stay over? Then perhaps you should replace your existing Sofa with a Sleeper Sofa?

    But wait, what’s a sleeper sofa? It’s a sofa, with a pull-out queen size mattress and frame inside? Is it a sofa? Is it a bed? Good news, it’s both.
    3590 Sleeper Sofa from Ashley Furniture
    Check out the Charcoal Queen Sleeper Sofa from Ashley Furniture at Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse. With a sleek minimalist design, striking linear pose with track arms and crisp box cushions, this Ashley Furniture sleeper sofa is guaranteed to freshen up your space. This sleeper sofa has an upgraded queen memory foam mattress that makes your overnight guests much more comfortable.
    3590 Charcoal Sleeper Sofa

    • Corner-blocked frame
    • Attached back and loose seat cushions
    • High-resiliency foam cushions wrapped in thick poly fiber
    • Polyester/nylon upholstery
    • Exposed feet with faux wood finish
    • Included bi-fold queen memory foam mattress sits atop a supportive steel frame
    • Memory foam provides better airflow for a cooler night’s sleep
    • Memory foam encased in damask ticking

    Fabric Details

    5% Nylon / 95% Polyester


    • Width: 82''
    • Depth: 38''
    • Height: 38''
    • Weight: 189lbs
    • Distance of opened sleeper to arm: 51''
    • Seat height: 20''
    • Seat depth: 21''
    • Distance between arms: 69''
    • Leg height: 3''
    • Top of cushion to top of back: 19''
    • Mattress Size: Width 60''   Depth 72''   Height 4.25''
    • Minimum width of doorway for delivery: 32''
    • Distance from end of sleeper to outside back: 89''
    • Arm height: 26''
    • Top of sleeper mattress to floor: 16''
    • Carton: Width 82''   Depth 38''   Height 38''

    Save at Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse with Factory Direct Prices! No money? No worries with our exclusive Free Layaway Program or Financing options! Have this brand name Ashley Sleeper Sofa delivered the Same Day only from Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse!

  • Surplus Furniture comes to Sudbury

    Big-Nickel-520x245Sudburians have been stuck within the confines of limitations when it comes to affordable good quality furniture. Many of my friends and family would travel to Barrie or further down south to find the furniture they needed for their homes, apartments or businesses.

     Competition drives prices down even on modern well built furniture and shoppers nowadays are price conscious while still looking for those key pieces to make their room their own.

    The feedback received so far from our customers as well as people just coming to check us out have given glowing reviews stating that our city has needed something like this for a very long time. With our prices traditionally 20-30 percent lower than our competition and a fantastic interest free financing or layaway options we have positioned ourselves to become a leader in the local market ensuring you as a consumer receives the right information and pieces at a competitive price.

    How does Layaway work? Great question. Simply choose your furniture, then select the 100% FREE Layaway option for payment. You choose the payment amount based on what you can afford and you choose how often you make payments. Complete control. Full details provided here! 

    Factory Direct Pricing!

    Your One Stop Shop for Low Priced Quality Mattresses and Top of the Line Furniture

    1.     Top of the Line Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattresses back by a Great Warranty

    2.     100% Free Layaway available for everyone! No credit checks – you are approved!

    3.     We also offer excellent financing options where you do not need to pay for 1 full year!

    Full write up on how our factory direct pricing works here!

    But don't take our word for it. Come down to 670 Falconbridge Road and see for yourself, we promise you won't be disappointed you did.IMG_1244

  • Surplus Furniture - Mobile Flyers!

    Surplus Furniture - Mobile Flyers!

    For those of us with mobile phones, it's not surprising to hear that mobile phones have overtaken desktop computers when it comes to web traffic (according to ComScore). This stat certainly isn't a surprise for retailers, as they have watched their mobile web traffic increase month over month, year over year. Google has even responded by implementing harsher SEO rankings, favoring mobile friendly websites. So how have companies responded to this changing landscape?

    For most retailers, this means a duo world for advertising, print and mobile. Nielsen study shows 79% of households browse digital flyers and print flyers each week. So consumers are immersed in both. IKEA for instance, has extended their flyer to mobile, while maintaining the same print levels year over year. London Drugs has also transitioned to a mobile flyer, while maintaining the same flyer quantities year over year. Surplus Furniture has followed suite, transitioning all printed media to the digital/mobile landscape.

    What will the next three year look like? Retailers expect to see a dramatic shift, once the public becomes comfortable with the digital space. Retail giants like Canadian Tire still feel the printed flyer is "routine and a comfort" for consumers, citing an increase to their flyer printing over the years. Brandspark International stated that consumers find printed flyers easier to navigate and more time efficient. Yet, last year, shoppers consulting printed flyers was down 7%, while the mobile flyer had a 5% increase. One in Four Canadians between 18 - 54 read more digital flyers than print flyers when compared to last year.

    So in case your curious, below is a list of the top digital flyer apps/websites:

    So far, FLIPP is the leader in mobile flyers. Since November 2013, the app has 15 million downloads. FLIPP has 50 million weekly views, featuring 800 retailers, in 140,000 locations. The local Toronto company just announced that they are going global with their app, a 61 million dollar venture. With detailed product descriptions/linking, website plugins and in-depth consumer analytics, it's no wonder this app is leading the mobile charge.

    Reebee is a great mobile flyer app that has seen 2 Million downloads since 2013. The Reebee app allows retailers to engage the mobile customer while providing a robust analytics component, allowing retailers to target and refine their offers.

    YP Shopwise
    Yellow Pages has entered the mobile space with their own flyer app called YP Shopwise. Its a robust mobile flyer app that draws from (and benefits from) the many Yellow Pages owned properties (ie: Red Flag Deals and SmartCanucks). The app allows retailers to create business profiles, tap into Yellow Pages analytics and take advantage of consumer targeted tools.

    The biggest international mobile app, Tiendeo is headquartered in Spain, and currently has 62,000 active stores, 1,000 flyers and over 700,000 users. Definitely a driving

    A Metroland product, Save.ca started as a website allowing retailers to post their flyer digitally. It now has launched their new mobile version, which allows retailers to expand into the mobile space. The app is very robust, allowing retailers to tap into the Metroland properties with 2.8 million members nationally.

    Cost / Benefits
    So what are the costs/benefits for a retailer to advertise on mobile devices? Everyone knows print is expensive and time consuming. For instance, to print and distribute a flyer with a local newspaper, the process could take several months to plan and prepare. Not too mention the high cost associated with paper, printing, and distributing. This isn't even taking the environmental effects into consideration. Mobile advertising is quick, and relatively inexpensive. For instance, once the flyer is designed, it could be uploaded and distributed on mobile devices within just a few days. The cost will vary depending on which mobile app you choose of course, but all are relatively inexpensive when compared to print. Some mobile apps are free to use, while others have a cost per engagement. One of the biggest benefits for retailers are the consumer insights. For instance, on the FLIPP app, retailers have access to view the postal codes of the users viewing the flyer, they can also see what items users engaged with (or purchased), and they can see how many users had visited their location. Far superior than print data.

    So has a mobile campaign been tested?
    Absolutely. Results are key, so some (forward thinking retailers) have already started to test the mobile/digital space. For instance, RONA, the Montreal based company, decided to scrap their printed flyer for one week and did a nationwide digital test. This resulted in doubling their sales over last year, silencing the internal skeptics.

    So what will the advertising landscape look like in 10 years? 5 years? Print is still the easiest for the mass audience, flyers are dropped off at the door, and all the consumer needs to do is open the paper. Where as mobile takes some efforts on the part of the consumer. If that hurdle can be overcome, then the tides may shift. But is it something that will wane with the aging population, or has technology not caught up yet. Either way, it is clear that mobile advertising is going to continue making great strides in the consumers day to day buying cycle, while increasing in the retailers budget.

  • Furniture for Small Spaces - You have more room than you think!

    With condo living on the rise, it can be sometimes difficult to marry style and function when working with small spaces. Surplus Furniture has items for every size of room! Here are some ideas to get you started:

    2495_CA Corner Shelving gives you somewhere to put your pictures and books without taking up major livingroom real estate. (sku 2495)

    Add the perfect corner piece to any room with this cappuccino accent etagere complete with five tray style shelves. This contemporary piece adds additional display space as well as compliments any décor in your home. Use it as a seasonal or holiday piece with it's unique peak design.


    8002_BG The orientation of this sectional can be made with the chaise to the left, right or center, giving endless opportunities to gain space without losing seating. (sku 8002)

    The Bulldozer Grey sectional is the perfect space-conscious piece for your living room. Simple and casual, this 2-piece sectional is covered in a soft beige microfibre. Microfibre is one of the most durable, resilient fabrics on the market that stands up great to everyday wear and tear and is easy to clean and maintain.
    The frame for the Bulldozer Mocha Sectional is made with hardwood and is hardwood braced for a strong foundation. High-density foam is wrapped in fiber to prolong the life of the cushions and prevent them from losing their shape. All the springs are 8.5-gauge and spaced evenly to provide comfortable, stable seating throughout the product.


    This 3-Piece dining set fits in a small kitchen without losing style. This 3-Piece dining set fits in a small kitchen, giving you a place to sit and eat your meals without losing out on style. (sku 1015)

    This casual three piece dining set offers a classic styling that will compliment any decor. The rectangular dining table features ample surface area, straight edges, and sleek tapered legs. The comfortably padded dining chairs are finished in a rich brown easy to clean leather look material. The simple lines of this dining set paired with a warm cappuccino finish will help create a timeless look that you and your family will love.


    Is your sofa up against a wall? Designed to easily slip under your sofa to keep it conveniently close, this is the ideal accent table to hold your drinks, snacks or even meals. Lounging on the couch has never been more convenient! Designed to easily slip under your sofa to keep it conveniently close, this is the ideal accent table to hold your drinks, snacks or even meals. Lounging on the couch has never been more convenient! (sku 3212)

    This modern accent table is the perfect combination of style and functionality. With a thick paneled table top finished in a stylish brown and beige marble look, this robust looking accent table will suit any decor. Designed to easily slip under your sofa to keep it conveniently close, this is the ideal accent table to hold your drinks, snacks or even meals. Lounging on the couch has never been more convenient!

  • The Perfect Livingroom

    Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 3.18.08 PMHow do you know the perfect sofa and loveseat for you? Choosing the perfect set can be tricky business, but at Surplus we do the work for you. With brand names like Ashley, NCU, and UFI we have the perfect living room set for any space or occasion. Outfit your living space in soothing earth tones to exemplify your friendly personalty with a warm, inviting home. Or, select one of our elegant, modern style leather sectionals that will make you the envy of all your friends and family. With a variety of materials to fit all of your wants and needs, Surplus has what you want! 

    All our upholstery sets come brand new, straight from the manufacturer, wrapped in plastic with a lifetime warranty on kiln-dried hardwood frames at a fraction of the cost of any of the Big Box stores. We make the shopping easy for you with our on the spot financing, or free layaway, and we have same day delivery if you just can't wait to get you new living room into your home. Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 3.29.18 PM

    Need accessories? Surplus Furniture has a wide selection of coffee and end table sets, designer lamps and stylish area rugs, plus our famous spider lamp, all at amazing prices that are far less then you would have to pay at any other store! We have all the major name brands, like Ashley, Crown Mark, Monarch, and Titus; We also have weekly promotions where you could save up to 40% off our designer loveseats when you buy the matching sofa, or a coffee and end table set and lamps for only $98! We do wScreen Shot 2016-02-23 at 3.31.50 PMhat we can to get you the best bang for your buck here at Surplus Furniture.

    So if you need to get an upgrade for your living room, or redo your man cave or family room stop by Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse. You'll be glad you did, and we'd be happy to see you!

  • Easy Affordable Shopping


    When visiting Surplus Furniture we can assure you it will be quick and painless with no hassling no gimmicks. There are plenty of test models on the floor that we have it stock for you to try so it is very easy to shop. You're not rushed to make a decision. We have a wide selection whether it be living room, bedroom or dining room furniture. Our prices are so low,  you could fill two rooms opposed to our competitors where you would only be able to furnish one room for the same amount of money! We also have a clearance corner so you would be able to save even more! 

    If you don't need the item on the same day we do not charge storage fees or interest fees! There are plenty of sales professionals that would be able to attend to your needs and answer any questions you may have, and we will be happy to help you choose everything you need to furnish your home. 

    Our warehouse is larger than our sales floor because we give most of our space to stock so you can take your purchase home on the same day and wouldn't have to wait months for your merchandise like the big box stores. All of our merchandise comes flat packed so it is very easy to transport yourself, but if you don't have a vehicle, we can get it delivered to you the same day!  It's very easy to build, comes with all the tools that you may need to put together whatever you have purchased. We have an expert warehouse staff that will attend to loading everything up, inspecting, and even tying it to your roof for no extra charge. 

    Here at Surplus Furniture we make your life a little easier; at least when it comes to furnishing your home! We believe in providing the best customer service and giving the customer more bang for their buck!

  • Freshen Up Your Decor

    Surplus Furniture makes it easy to freshen up your home decor with the interior makeover your family deserves. We couple quality furniture with top-notch service and competitive prices to make the process of enhancing your home an easy and enjoyable experience. 

    Plus, with our comprehensive furniture financing and layaway programs, we also make home improvement more affordable for our customers. With minimum money down, and no time restriction to pay off your purchases, now is as good a time as any to start redecorating your home! 


    From basements to bedrooms, we carry a wide variety of furniture and accent pieces for every room in your home. We also carry a range of styles to suit your decor and lifestyle needs, from classic to contemporary and casual to luxurious. Our showroom features:

    • Bedroom sets, including mattresses
    • Living room sets
    • Sofas and sectionals
    • Dining table sets
    • Children’s and youth furniture
    • Home accents

    Be sure to come in to your local Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse soon! We always have great savings to take advantage of - don't miss out!

  • Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

    Cool_Gel_Memory_foamTop of the line luxury mattress sets; We have got you covered. Are you looking for a top of the line luxury bed? We have them! In our store you don’t need to spend thousands.

    Many of our luxury beds contain gel memory foam. If you have never tried it, I would definitely recommend it. We have had amazing feedback on the Gel Memory Foam and most luxury beds contain it.

    So what is Gel Memory Foam anyways, to start, let's first discuss memory foam. Memory foam was designed by NASA back in the 1970's to improve seat cushioning and crash protection for pilots and passengers. It's made from a substance called Viscoelastic. It's incredibly soft and energy absorbent, which means that it minimizes impact. How does it work? Well, memory foam reacts to heat and pressure, by molding to the contours of your body, evenly distributing all the weight. The foam returns to it's original shape, once the pressure is removed. The only real negative side of memory foam is the fact that it retains heat, due to it's closed cell structure. That's where Gel Memory Foam comes in, it contains all the benefits of memory foam mattress with one important benefit. Tiny cooling gel beads. These cooling gel beads allow more airflow in the foam, which regulates the temperature throughout the night, making for a comfortable sleep. The cooling beads also make the foam stronger, so you don't sink as deeply into the mattress.

    If you have any aches and pains, gel memory foam is designed to take away pressure from pressure points and give you a cool pressure free sleep. The feedback on these beds really has been phenomenal; including those with serious pain issues, back issues, and aches and pains. It’s pretty cool (literally), and comfy! We have different densities as well, for those who enjoy a plush soft feeling and for the people who enjoy a nice firm sleep, we have got you covered.

    Need a mattress for the Spare Room?

    We’ve got it! We have mattresses starting at just $98. If you don’t need a top of the line luxury bed we have some beautiful mattresses that are very very affordable. We also have a 100% free layaway program. There is no interest, no storage fees, and as soon as you pay off your pieces you can take them home!

    Do you know where we are located? We currently are working on expanding and may have a store near you!

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