Know Your Mattress

Are you constantly tired? Do you wake up with aches and pains? Perhaps it’s time to replace your mattress. Fun fact, did you know experts recommend changing your mattress every 8 years. When was the last time you replaced your mattress?

Like so many things in life, when shopping for a mattress, it’s what’s inside that counts. Quality is found in the details and are vital when you are shopping for a new mattress. So let’s take a few minutes and explore the 3 key layers that make up a quality mattress and the variety of options you can find in each layer.

Key Layer - The Support Layer
This is the main part of your mattress, it’s the section that gives your body the support that it needs. There are three main options available when it comes to the support layer, innersprings, foam and hybrid.

Know Your Mattress - The Support Layer

Innerspring Mattresses
Innerspring mattresses are the traditional support system for mattresses. They are made up of a layer of coils surrounded by layers of comfort material that consist of the latest, natural fibers or foam. Different types of spring mattresses use different coil types and layouts to achieve different effects. Spring mattresses are often the best choice for stomach and back sleepers, those with lower back pain and heavier individuals who find foam mattresses don’t offer sufficient support.

Solid Back Support
Wide range firmness
Budget friendly options available

Can wear out quicker than foam
Older springs can become noisy
Offer less pressure relief on joints

The Support Layer - Innerspring Mattress

Foam Mattresses
Popularized by NASA in the 70s with the invention of Memory Foam, foam mattresses rely on different combinations of density foams to provide softness and support. Even though Memory Foam is the most well-known type of foam, there are several types of foam mattresses on the market today. Foam mattress are often the best choice for side sleepers and those who experience joint pain and discomfort.

Softer on side sleepers and those with joint pain
Absorbs motion of restless sleepers
Lack of springs eliminates noise
More durable than spring mattresses

Certain foams trap body heat
Softness can cause “sinking” feeling
Insufficient support for certain types of sleepers
Normally more expensive

The Support Layer - Foam Mattress

Hybrid Mattresses
As guessed, some mattresses are offered as a hybrid composition which includes layers of both springs and foam. Hybrid mattresses can be a great option for those whose preferences fall in the middle of what spring and foam mattresses can provide. Hybrid mattresses are often the best choice for couples and those who prefer the support of a spring mattress combined with the comfort of a softer option.

Softer than springs without the “sinking” feeling
Offers pressure point relief without compromising on support
Quieter than spring mattresses
Regulates temperature better than pure foam mattresses
Works for couples with different firmness preferences

Hybrid mattresses can be expensive
Doesn’t absorb motion as well as foam

The Support Layer - Hybrid Mattress

Key Layer - The Comfort Layer
The comfort layer makes up the first few inches of the mattress surface. This layer can be made up of a variety of materials with varying depths, all designed for luxury and cushioned for comfort. Materials such as Memory Foam, Latex, Gel-Infused Foam and Natural Fibers all designed to offer you the ultimate in comfort.

Know Your Mattress - The Comfort Layer

Memory Foam
Discovered by NASA in the 70s, memory foam delivers outstanding comfort, support and pressure relief. Since memory foam adapts to your unique shape and movements, you can truly enjoy a tailor-made sleep experience. Aching joints will be gently cushioned and carefully supported so you can get the rest you deserve.

The Comfort Layer - Memory Foam Mattress

Latex is the soft white substance found beneath the bark of a rubber tree. Remarkably responsive, latex naturally contours to your unique body shape, making it feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. Natural latex offers exceptional comfort and support which helps to soothe aches and pains while providing pressure point relief.

The Comfort Layer - Latex Mattress

Gel-Infused Foam
Designed to offer cooling comfort, gel infused foams are the perfect option if you’re looking for all the benefits of a foam mattress, but with a built-in cooling effect. The addition of gel microbeads creates a more breathable foam, helping to regulate your body temperature while you sleep. They also increase the density of the foam, creating a surface that’s soft, yet firm.

The Comfort Layer - Gel Infused Mattress

Natural Fibers
Natural Fibers are a perfect choice if you care about using sustainable materials. Naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, natural fibers include materials like cotton, wool, or silk and provide a fresher, healthier night’s sleep.

The Comfort Layer - Natural Fibers Mattress

Key Layer - The Cover (Ticking)
The cover is exactly what the name implies, it’s the material used to cover the mattress. Ticking relates to the cover material used in mattress construction. Walking around any mattress showrooms, you can see many wonderful mattress fabrics that vary in style and design. However, there are two main types of covers, damask and knitted. They can vary quite drastically in terms of touch and functionality.

Know Your Mattress - The Cover Layer

Damask Fabric
This is a woven fabric used on the majority of mattresses, generally termed “Belgian Damask” even though many damask fabrics are made outside of Belgium. Damask is soft to the touch, breathable and is flexible for the sleeper.

The Cover Layer - Damask Cover

Commonly referred to as a Micro-Quilt, knitted fabrics are extremely soft and because of the flatter surface are used mainly as a covering for memory foam or latex topped mattresses. Usually made from polyester synthetic blends, knitted fabrics are not as breathable as damask fabrics.

The Cover Layer - Knitted Cover

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