Redecorating Tips and Tricks – Decorative Accents

Over the years, table lamps and floor lamps have been considered stuffy and old fashioned, often replaced by modern ceiling light fixtures. However, over the years, lamps have undergone a fresh makeover providing fresh finishes, bright colours, and beguiling textures that will delight and rejuvenate your living space. So below are a few tips to help you discover fresh ways to introduce new style and visual appeal to your home.

Compliment your Décor

As interior designer Judith Balis has stated “Think of a lamp as part of the jewelry of a room. You need to select the right piece to compliment the rest of the room.” Make sure the lamp mimics the shape of the table it is being placed upon. For instance, if you are placing a lamp on a narrow side table, choose a lamp with a narrow base. If the lamp is being placed up against a wall, choose a lamp with a square lampshade, so it can sit flush against the wall. If you love a lamp that is too tall, put it on a smaller table. If the lamp is too short, place a few books under it.

Aniela Sesen Bronze Lamp | Ashley Furniture

Choose the right lampshade shape

If you’re going for a modern or contemporary look, think simple and streamlined when selecting lamps. Slim bases and drum-shaped shades can add height and drama to a space without overpowering its other décor.” suggests Shannon Petrie of HGTV. If we want a classic style, choose shades with a tapered shape which tend to blend well with traditional décor. Different lamp bases in the same room can look great, so unify them by matching the lampshades and bases with the same shape.

Marcario White Lamp | Ashley Furniture

Consider Texture and Colour

As Judith Balis recommends “If you need to add colour or texture to a room, an interesting lampshade will add just the boost you are looking for.” Look for a shade with a bold pattern, or an interesting texture or decorative features like beads or tassels. LA Designer Liz Foster recommends “I’m making sure I’m not pulling a brass lamp to go on a brass side table or an oak mirror to go over an oak console.” Be mindful of the materials being used to ensure there is enough contrast.

Manasa Bronze Lamp | Ashley Furniture

Pair the Right Lamp Shade with the Right Base

A good rule of thumb is to choose a shade that mimics the shape of the lamp itself. So if you have a square base, try a square or rectangular shade. Choose a round or drum-shaped shade works well with round or bulb-shaped bases, while a conical shade is a good fit for a tall, thin base. The width of the shade should be as wide as the widest part of the base (can be up to 2x as wide), and it should be 40% – 60% of the height.

Amasai Black Lamp | Ashley Furniture

Scale is Important

Be mindful of scale, it is important. Make sure the size of the lamp is appropriate for the location. You don’t want the room to look disproportionate, so don’t place a massive lamp on a very small table. Keep in mind, you do not want it to get knocked over. Similarly, you don’t want a small lamp placed in a very large room, so the scale of your lamp is important. Try to keep all the lamps in the same room at the same height.

Magaly Brown Lamp | Ashley Lamp

Placement is Key

Once you have selected the perfect lamp, deciding where to put it is very important. Use floor lamps to illuminate corners and reading areas, table lamps are great for filling out the rest of the room. Plus, make sure you are choosing sufficient lighting for the space. 40-watt bulbs are perfect for ambience; however, if it is a cozy nook great for reading, then you may want to consider a 60-watt bulb.

68” Floor Lamp | Home Decor

Consider a Lamp Makeover

You may have a great lamp, or an outdated lamp already in your room, perhaps it has sentimental value. Then you may want to consider a lamp makeover. For under $20, you can replace the shade, repaint the base, and create a brand-new lamp. Remember, lamps can be their own artwork and have their own personality. So why not make one.

Mahima Black Lamp | Ashley Furniture

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