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  • How To Disinfect Your Furniture

    We have been doing a lot of cleaning and disinfecting lately, you have probably got your counters, windows, fridge, cupboards and light switches all cleaned but what about where you spend most of your time? Your Furniture. Read this blog to find out how to disinfect different types of furniture. Continue reading

  • 9 Health Benefits Of An Adjustable Mattress Foundation!

    Some of the health benefits of using an adjustable foundation base are:

    • Reduces Back & Sciatic Nerve Pain
    • Enhances Circulation
    • Reduces Acid Reflux & Heartburn
    • Relieves Arthritis
    • Eases Insomnia
    • Alleviates Sleep Apnea, Asthma & Snoring
    • Improves Digestion
    • Enhances Lifestyle
    • Provides IndependenceSee more for in depth information and features of our adjustable foundation.

    Continue reading

  • Arriving In Stores Near You!

    Say hello to the Brand New Ergo Motion Essentials lV Foundation.
    Check out some of the features! : Continue reading

  • Quality Furniture That Lasts For Years To Come

    At Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse we care about your furniture lasting and providing you and your family comfort for years to come. All of our manufacturers put in the time, research, rigorous testing and analysis to ensure you get the best quality furniture for your family. Get the quality furniture you deserve for a price that fits any budget. Continue reading

  • Titus Furniture Collection: What’s New?

    Some of the newest products to join the Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse lineup is the Brand New Titus Furniture Collection. Take a look at what’s new! Continue reading

  • Brand New 2020 Mattress Line Up!

    Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehoue is introducing the brand new Serta & Simmons 2020 Mattresses! Read about the benefits of each new mattress here: Continue reading

  • 5 Reasons Why You Need An Area Rug

    At Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse we have many options for you to decorate your home with. One of those options are Area Rugs! We have many different styles, prints and materials for you to choose from.  Here are 5 reasons why we think you need an Area Rug.

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  • Affordable Leather

    Have you been wanting the luxurious look of leather, yet find the prices are always too high? Did you know that genuine leather is $90 per Sqft? The easiest affordable option is to find a leather look alike material. The problem? It doesn’t hold up as long with daily wear and tear. Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse has the solution for you! Get the affordable, luxurious look with the quality of genuine leather with our “Leather Match!” Continue reading

  • Pick up your Furniture from any of our 35 store locations across Canada!

    Do you need furniture for your new home?
    Moving to a new location out of province?
    Moving away for school?
    Continue reading

  • Student Essentials Checklist

    Are you moving into your new apartment or dorm room for School this September? Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse has made a checklist for your Student Essentials. Continue reading

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