Employee Success Stories Pt 2

Hear it right from the employees how they have found their experience at Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse to be. From starting out to gaining experience and confidence, to being promoted and reaching all their goals. Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse takes pride in our team members and their growth and knowledge within the industry.

3.8 years at Surplus Furniture! Time has flown! I cherish all the memories I have of the people I have met during this time. It seems like it was just yesterday when I received a phone interview from the District Manager. Luckily I was hired, and at that time I moved to Regina from Fort McMurray. Three months in, my work was tough, as I only had little sales experience. But in the long run, I started to love my work especially after knowing and gaining knowledge about the sales program. I enjoy dealing with different types of customers, and of course working with a positive energetic team in a fun environment. Working at Surplus Furniture is fun and exciting; it builds my self-confidence, patience and perseverance. Working here teaches everyone how to become a true sales person. Surplus Furniture has given me an opportunity to grow professionally and personally. I have developed a lot during my time here with many challenges and opportunities. Everyday I am still excited to go to work, having fun doing sales. I’m happy to be part of this company which I consider a family. I look forward working here for more years with continued success. – Regina, Saskatchewan

After almost 7 years it’s time to write an employee profile where to start! I began my career with Surplus Furniture in 2012. I took, what I thought, was a job creating the stepping stone of where I was going next. Never did I imagine that it was the start of an extremely rewarding career that I love. I have been the store manager of the Sydney location for 4.5 years. In that time I have learned and grown so much with the help of some amazing people within the company who I consider to be good friends now. 
I have been given the opportunity to show what hard work and dedication can do with a company and upper management that encourage and support you. In my time with the company I have been to a grand opening in Peterborough, manager training in Barrie, competed in 3 National Sell Off competitions in St John’s and SO CLOSE to going to the President’s club 2017. All of these things I would have never imagined I would have done or could have done. 
2017 was the best year setting the bar high for 2018. I can’t wait for the challenge and I am thankful for the team that is going to help me fight the battle. Here’s to another great year.
– Sydney, Nova Scotia

I arrived to Canada on February 20th 2008 Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse did anything and everything in their power to not only bring me and 3 other Ecuadorians but to keep us here for good. I will always be thankful for what they did for me. The company gave us a great place to work, a lifetime opportunity to start from scratch in a new country and friendships that will last. I brought some sales experience with me from the insurance and financial advisory market but it was nothing like what I have learned here. Our sales program is second to none and when used correctly is very effective. I was trained by the District Manager and worked in all the stores in his district but mostly in Calgary. 11 years later I can say that it’s been a fantastic experience to work here. I would like to thank everyone at Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse for such an opportunity.  
– Calgary, Alberta

If you want to experience the same passion, knowledge and growth as these employees, apply here: www.surplusfurniture.com/careers to join the Surplus Team. We want you to have your own success story!