Employee Success Stories

Hear it right from the employees how they have found their experience at Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse to be. From starting out to gaining experience and confidence, to being promoted and reaching all their goals. Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse takes pride in our team members and their growth and knowledge within the industry.

“Almost 5 years in, where to begin? My career started in the furniture industry in 2003 where I was at other furniture stores. I’ve been at it for a while now and have seen it all! I went in to the Kingston location for my interview with the Regional Sales Manager, who happened to be closing a sale in the moment. It was a fantastic opportunity to hear him in action, using the sales program. I was very impressed with this company’s approach to sales. It was decided: I’m in, and I  want to surround myself with the same people like that – high energy and extremely knowledgeable. I was hired at the same time as my District Manager and we trained together in the Barrie office. Since then I’ve been sent to 2 Grand Openings and made the sell off every year; I was $500 off on winning the first ever sell off! This company has offered me a lot and I’ve gotten to experience some travel as well. I’ve been to Calgary, St. John’s Newfoundland, St. Catharine’s, Barrie, Belleville, Pickering, Ottawa and it has been very rewarding to sell in other stores and to meet the rest of our team! In short, I am very happy with this company and very grateful for the opportunities given to me. I look forward to many more years to come and I will be on the President’s list at year-end! Cheers and happy selling!” – Kingston, ON 


“Before working for Surplus I had a few different jobs. I had worked in everything from food service to pharmacies. When I started at Surplus I never had a job experience quite like it. Quickly I became the Keyholder and worked hard until I was promoted to Manager In Training. This past February I was given the opportunity to become Store Manager. I’ve loved watching the team get stronger and learning to work together for the bigger picture. From my past experiences I’ve learned the importance of Customer Service. A huge part in my mission as Store Manager is customer service; any issues that arise, we get it done quick and with a smile, turning Customer Service issues into happy, returning customers. With new items always coming in, this job is always exciting. I love helping people put together their new rooms. Sometimes I think I get more excited than they do!  During my nearly 6 years here I’ve noticed that nothing makes a stronger month for sales than a happy team. Take care of your team and they’ll look after you!” – Thunder Bay, ON 


“My time with Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse has not been very long but it has been nothing short of a fantastic experience. The opportunities that this company has brought to each one of their employees has exceeded all my expectations from when I had first taken the position of a sales associate last year. Our sales program is like no other and coming in as someone with limited sales experience, it has allowed me to excel to where I am now! What had initially drawn me into the company was a job posting on Indeed and it seemed like I would make a perfect fit. After a brief phone call with HR it was all history from there. I was mentored under the wings of the District Manager and Store Manager. With them being in the company virtually since the opening of our location there was no problems catching me right up to speed with everyone else.
The atmosphere everyday here in St. Catharines is always uplifting and at the end of the day we can all focus on the same goal and build chemistry along the way. The most unique aspect behind this job is without a doubt our sales program. The program in this company has completely changed my mentality on having a career in sales. It allows for the best team environment possible that reflects right back to the sales floor and more importantly to the customer! Having all brand name furniture at the most affordable price makes you feel good about selling our product knowing that you are making a difference in each customers life. The jump from sales associate to store manager was a major leap but a phenomenal opportunity that I would have never guessed my future would have taken me. I owe so much to the Surplus family for the welcoming home they have brought myself and many others into along with the unlimited potential of learning to earning. Thank you all for making me a dedicated team player.” – St. Catharines 

If you want to experience the same passion, knowledge and growth as these employees, apply here: www.surplusfurniture.com/careers to join the Surplus Team. We want you to have your own success story!