The Convenience of Surplus Furniture

When I hear about all the other furniture stores available to the consumer, I realize how convenient buying furniture is at Surplus Furniture. Time and time again I interact with customers that are discouraged and frustrated with various other options they have encountered. They come to us expecting the same old box store and boring atmosphere, not to mention the same old furniture at every location.

When customers walk into our warehouse, we have the music cranked up and a smile on our face because we are excited and happy to be there! Everyday we encounter new faces from all over the world that have needs that we can fulfill and are happy to do so. People need a place to sit at the new house they moved into or a new mattress set because they’ve been sleeping on the floor with nothing but a blanket and a pillow. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a sweet young couple ask me if we have the product they want in stock. With a desperate smile on their face hoping to get a positive response out of me,  I look to my customer service desk and scream out… “Hey guys do we have the Windham queen mattress set in stock? They need it tonight!” All the while I know the answer is yes because I checked earlier. I wanted to create some suspense, and they shout back….”It’s in the back, factory wrapped!” Then I look at the customers and I say, “You got it! It’s yours! You can take right now!” Just pure joy and sometimes disbelief comes over them and I think, What’s so hard about making it easy and convenient? But that’s the way we do it all the time! You tell us what you are looking for and we show you what’s in stock, that simple!

Making it convenient to find what you are looking for is not complicated because we store our items on location. We have huge storage warehouses around the entire country so we also don’t run out of new options. We are constantly cycling through new and exciting styles that you can try and normally take home right away. If you can’t pick it up, we can have a delivery courier at your house that day! I know most people don’t believe it at first, but I see it everyday! I enjoy making people happy and have a good time joking around and having fun with all the people that walk through our doors. That’s the Surplus Furniture convenience at Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse!

— Surplus Staff Member