Why I work for Surplus Furniture?

That can be answered with 2 simple words:  Passion and Excitement.  Some people search forever but never find what they truly love.  Here are 5 main reasons why I love waking up daily to go to work:

  1. I don’t struggle to stay disciplined; If anything, I struggle to prioritize my busy day. My problem isn’t staying busy and on task. Getting going isn’t an issue. My problem is I have so many things I want to do, I struggle to decide what to do first.
  2. I enjoy my time at work. I don’t have to put in time at work and then escape to “life” to be happy. I enjoy life and enjoy work. I feel alive and joyful not just at home but also at work. When you love your work, it’s a part of your life.
  3. I don’t think about surviving. I constantly think about winning. 
  4. I’m excited about what I’m doing, but I’m more excited about the people I’m doing it with because they’re smart, passionate, confident, funny and dedicated.
  5. I hardly ever look at the clock. I’m too busy making things happen!

Along with the exciting career I have chosen, there are certain pre-requisites that I was looking for in the company I was to build a career with; I was looking for a workplace that understood the importance of keeping employees’ work interesting, exciting, challenging, and meaningful. Surplus Furniture is made up of great people who are top performers, positive, hardworking, committed, loyal and believe in what the organization does. We offers above average compensation, great  advancement opportunities, bonuses, profit sharing, and other incentives to keep and reward top performing talent as well as attract new talent. Exceptional and inspiring leaders lead Surplus Furniture. Our leaders set the example from the top and lead the organization well.

I truly enjoy the unique culture that is often described as fun, collaborative, positive, and passionate. Being in one of our stores can be considered nothing less than infectious. 

What a blast!