Welcome To Surplus! What To Expect When You Join Our Team.

We talked with a few of our managers and new employees to help you get a better idea of what to expect when you start working at Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse. Here are their answers.

From the Manager:
What should a new employee expect for the initial training process?
Lots of time spent one on one with managers, we usually give about a week before you’re able to be selling on the sales floor. This is just because we want to make sure you are prepared for dealing with real customers.

Product knowledge of all items we sell.
Do not get frustrated if you don’t get it right off the hop, it takes time to perfect the program and even then you’re still learning constantly.
Ask as many questions as you can to help you understand what YOU do not know. The more information you know the easier things will start to be.
Role play with your team as much as you can to help you perfect any objections or challenges that may cross your path.
Our program is a very step by step program, but don’t get overwhelmed by it, everything will be fine.

What do employees look forward to coming into work?
Making money is the biggest thing. If you’re not coming to work to make money, why are you coming to work?

Our fun upbeat atmosphere that will make work fun and very interactive. This is the best place for high energy and sociable people.
Helping customers achieve their home visions with all the products we sell.
Furniture is the third biggest purchase you make in life next to a home and a car so helping people make those purchases can be very exciting and rewarding.

Any other comments for new hires?
Take your time, enjoy the learning process. Don’t over analyze the program. Make sure you show your character when you sell instead of being robotic. Be patient and you will see it all unfold and happen. Everything will click and before you know it you’re making money.

From The Sales Associates:

How do you feel your initial training went?
My training at Surplus was very thorough and exciting. The staff all had chances to teach me their strengths and keep me engaged with role play.

What is the work environment like?
High energy at all times! While being focused on selling our great furniture, the staff also keeps a very fun and upbeat atmosphere.

What do you look forward to coming into work?
I look forward to seeing my coworkers! Within a short period of time we have established great relationships with each other. I also look forward to the new skills I will be learning and of course making money.

How would you describe your first 30 Days?
My first 30 days I have been given a lot of training to make sure I succeed here at Surplus. The staff helps me in any way possible to ensure that I will be a valuable part of the team. I have felt welcomed and encouraged since day 1.

Do you feel you have been provided the proper training to become successful within the company?
Yes, and to top it off my co workers think so too! With their reassurance I feel I can be a great part of this team.

Any other comments about being a new hire and your position here at Surplus?
I had little information about the company when I started, but to learn how much this company is expanding and how well they have done I can’t wait to be a part of such a successful store!

We hope these answers gave you some insight on what to expect when you join our team or answer any questions you had about our work environment. If you have not yet, click here to apply : https://www.surplusfurniture.com/careers/