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Visit a Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse and speak with a sales associate today about your financing options.
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Never miss a deal. Lock in that promotional price today.
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Set up a flexible payment plan based on your finances and comfort level.
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Take items home as they are paid for, or schedule a delivery/pickup once your layaway is complete.

Do you have bad credit, or no credit? If so, check out our 100% Free layaway program. No Interest Fees, No Storage Fees, No Credit Checks, Flexible Payment Options. Layaway is a system of paying a deposit to secure your piece of furniture for a later purchase. The day you set up your layaway plan, it guarantees the prices and locks you in. So, while this may not get your furniture home today, you can start a plan today to get your furniture home soon, at no interest.
100% Free Layaway Program
Hurry in today and take advantage of our incredible 100% FREE Layaway program. Simply hurry into a store and select the items you would like to put away on a layaway and set up a convenient flexible payment plan with the store associate. IT'S THAT EASY
*100% Free layaway refers to no storage fees and no interest fees provided payments are made monthly.
Layaway Policy
Layaway arrangements are provided solely to allow Customers to guarantee the price of ordered merchandise. A Layaway (Price Hold) account (“Account”) is established by making an initial deposit towards the purchase of the merchandise and then making additional payments into the Account at least every month. Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse does not represent that the desired merchandise is available at the store when the Account is established. Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse is only guaranteeing the price of the merchandise when Customer completes the purchase by fully paying the purchase price for the merchandise. The Account is not a layaway plan. NO MERCHANDISE SHALL BE REMOVED FROM INVENTORY UNTIL CUSTOMER FULLY PAYS THE PURCHASE PRICE FOR THE MERCHANDISE COVERED BY THE ACCOUNT. Surplus Furniture needs at least four weeks’ notice before Customer’s final payment is received to order the merchandise for pick up in the store by Customer following receipt of the final payment. If the desired merchandise has been discontinued and is no longer available, Customer may apply the amount in the Account to other merchandise or receive a STORE CREDIT for such amount.
Customer may terminate an Account at any time. However, a full refund of the amount in the Account will be made only if the termination occurs within 28 days of the initial deposit and prior to delivery of the merchandise. Any termination after 28 days or after delivery of the merchandise, if earlier, shall be made by STORE CREDIT ONLY. If Customer is eligible for a refund, it shall be made in the same manner as Customer had paid into the Account - cash or credit on same credit/debit card account. If the cash refund amount is greater than $200, the refund must be issued by the corporate office and not the store. Processing such cash refund by the corporate office takes approximately two weeks. There is no duration on maintaining an Account. However, after six months without any activity, an Account is subject to an administrative charge of $10 per month to defray the cost of managing the Account.