The home has become the Gym, Office, Classroom, the Restaurant

In the span of just a few weeks our lives have been completely changed, especially for those who are not considered essential workers. With nearly a million lay off notices, and a work from home mandate, we are now faced with an uncertain future, and a secluded environment. Our home has now become our office, the gym, the classroom, and the restaurant. So how can we make this transition more comfortable? Read this blog!

The Gym:
Turning your home into a gym does not have to be expensive! You can set up a nice quiet, spacious area in your home where you can workout and get your blood pumping without any restrictions. Check your lighting, make sure you have enough lighting in your workout space. If you are using exercise videos or online videos, make sure you have a tv stand to elevate the monitor or television screen. There are a lot of free workout videos you can watch on youtube. There are also workout apps to help you keep track of your progress. This is all free! Remember, isolation can lead to higher levels of stress, inflammation, and high blood pressure, so exercise is essential.

The Office:
If you are able to work from home you will want to try and mimic your existing work space. For example if you work in an office, try to find a decent sized table or desk that you can work from that has lots of room. A cramped space is an unproductive space. Comfortable flooring is essential, make sure you have a plush carpet or rug in your work space. Free yourself from distractions, try to be in a separate room or area from the others in your home, even pets. Make sure you have a comfortable chair and most importantly, good lighting is essential. Work by either a window or a table lamp so you don’t hurt your eyes.

The Classroom
With schools closed, and students adopting to online learning, your children will require a space to study and learn. Simple is always the best, a nice desk, proper lighting, comfortable chair and a tablet located in a quiet area should be enough to earn your child success. It is always a great opportunity to work and learn next to your child so make every moment count.

The Restaurant:
One of the benefits of isolation, is the ability to spend quality time with your family, and what better way then to turn your kitchen into a restaurant. But you will want to capture the mood of a restaurant, adjust your lighting, set the table, plan the menu and enjoy the experience. Make sure your table has enough space for the meals. Make sure you have enough chairs for everyone. Plan your meals, make your shopping list, and eliminate all non-essential trips.

We understand these times are difficult and swirling with uncertainty, but the more we can do at home, the sooner we can go back to regular life! Protect the ones you love, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.