100% Free Layaway!

Furniture is one of the largest purchases you will make for your home, excluding maintenance of course. Which is why purchasing furniture has always been a complex affair. There's style, selection, price, financing, delivery, and so many other things to consider during the purchasing process. But what happens if you have found the perfect furniture piece, along with the best industry price, but your short on funds, or have poor credit, what options do you have?
Surplus Furniture doesn't want any of their customers to miss out on a great deal. That's why we are proud to offer our 100% Free Layaway program available to all customers, regardless of your credit history, or finances. You are pre-approved and ready to purchase! But you may be asking, what is 100% Free Layaway?

Take control of your financings! Layaway is a method of financing in which customers place a small deposit on an item, in order to reserve the promotional price. This small deposit amount is up to the sole discretion of the customer. Then based on their own financial situation, the customer makes smaller bi-weekly payments based on their own schedule until the balance is paid in full. You control the payment amounts. There is no storage fees, no interest fees, and no time restrictions. And the best part of all, it's FREE.

Benefits of our 100% Free Layaway Program

No Interest Fees - There are NO interest fees on layaway accounts.

No Storage Fees - There are NO storage fees for the duration of the layaway.

Price Hold Protection - Prices on all layaway accounts are guaranteed regardless of increases.

Guaranteed Lowest Price - If items on layaway are reduced even further, the customer is guaranteed the savings.

Flexible Start Up Deposit - The customer decides what a reasonable start up deposit will be.

Flexible Bi-Weekly Installments - The customer decides what their reasonable bi-weekly installments will be.

No Time Restrictions - The duration of the layaway accounts is at the discretion of the customer.

Just Looking Guarantee - No sure about your selection? Start a layaway today to hold the item and cancel within 10 days if it is not right for you.