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Moffat White 27" Washer & Dryer Set


General Electric Washer Dryer Set

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General Electric Washer Dryer Set Package Includes
General Electric 27" 7.2 Cubic Foot Dryer   + $0.00
General Electric 27" 4.4 Cubic Foot Washer   + $0.00

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GE 27” Washer and Dryer - Catalogue photo
General Electric Washer Dryer Set

In stock


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    Stainless Steel Basket
    The 27” Washer from GE Appliances features a long lasting stainless steel finish that resists rust and won’t chip, peel, or snag clothes.

    SaniFresh Cycle

    The SaniFresh cycle uses elevated water temperatures and a longer wash cycle to kill bacteria, while the pump purge and extended rinse removes contaminants.

    Wave Agitator

    The powerful wash action rotates your laundry for a thorough clean each and every time.

    4 Water Level Selections
    PreciseFill allows you to select your preferred load size for the desired water level, or let your machine automatically sense the load and add the proper amount of water needed to ensure a great cleaning result.

    4 Heat Selections
    The 27” Dryer from GE Appliances provides the right temperatures for all your garmet drying needs.

    Sensory Dry

    The electronic sensor dry system dries clothes more evenly than before! The system’s sensors touch the clothes and stop the heating cycles as soon as the clothes have reached the selected dryness.

    Long Venting Capability
    Easily install this dryer with the long equivalent ducting system for a more flexible installation.

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