Sierra Queen Plush Cooling Gel Mattress Set

Sierra Queen Mattress Set

Capri Full Organic Mattress Set in a box

Capri Full Organic Mattress Set

Sierra King Mattress Set

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Sierra King Mattress Set Package Includes
Sierra King Mattress   + $0.00
Level #1 Common King Foundation (PER PIECE)   + $0.00

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Sierra King Plush Cooling Gel Mattress in a box
Sierra King Mattress Set

In stock


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    Memory Foam Infused Gel

    Enjoy a comfortable cool sleep temperature with the memory foam infused gel. The memory foam infused gel provides rapid cooling and body heat transfer technology that helps regulate your body temperature throughout the night.

    High Density Support Foam

    Get the support you deserve with multiple layers of luxurious comfort and support foam that will help you get the sleep you are craving.

    White Cross Tac and Jump Quilting
    Behind every sweet dream is a good mattress, and this is the perfect mattress for you. Featuring a white cross tac and jump quilting for an environmentally friendly, higher tensile strength fabric with a breathable sleeping surface.

    Ten Year Warranty
    The Sierra Plush Cooling Gel Mattress from Restonit is built to last, all backed by a ten year warranty for your security.

    Additional Information
    Width 76
    Depth 80
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