Fabric Sofas? With Pets and Kids?!?

Feeling stuck with Leather?

Many people automatically assume that they are limited to purchasing a leather sofa when they have kids/pets at home – even though they'd really love to have fabric. Of course leather seems to be the smartest and safest choice where messy fingers and dirty paws are at play.

While leather seems to be the practical choice, I have some fantastic news to share!! You don't have to trade what you want for fear of soiled fabric. Surplus Furniture sells a fantastic extended fabric warranty that will put even the most doubtful customers at ease.


Total Care VIP Pet (5 Year Full replacement)

The Total Care VIP Plan combines the coverage of the Fabric, Leather and Wood Protection Plans in one. All stains including: Accidental damage from handling. Damage caused by pets. Dye transfer. Punctures, rips or burns. Liquid marks, rings or household heat marks. Gouges, dents, scratches or chips. Nail polish remover. Checking, cracking, bubbling or peeling of finish. Glass or mirror breakage, chipping or scratches. Coverage for structures and mechanisms: Breaking of frames, panels, springs or mechanisms. Failure of integral electrical components. Lifting of veneers. Warping. Loss of silvering on mirrors.

Talk about total peace of mine knowing not only are you supplied with 5 years of great cleaning products, you also have a replacement warranty for the major stuff – rips, tears upset bellies and so much more.

Visit one of our locations and have one of our knowledgeable sales associates explain even more benefits. Remember options are out there. Let us help you purchase what you really want!