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    Sleeper Sofas Are Now Available At Surplus Furniture

    We are now introducing our Ashley Furniture Sleeper Sofas! You have been asking and we listened! We have 3 styles to choose from, each that will easily fall into any décor style.  1. Altari Alloy Sleeper Sofa - If style is the question, then this sofa sleeper is the answer. Sporting clean lines and sleek track arms, the decidedly contemporary profile is enhanced with plump c

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    How Light Fixtures Can Improve Your Home

    A Larger Room Illusion  Natural light will immediately make a room appear larger, but if your room doesn’t have windows, or has fairly small windows, there are other things you can do. Using floor lamps and desk lamps and table lamps will help brighten your rooms and create the illusion of a larger room.

      Lighten The Mood You will often find people saying how they feel happier during the bright sunny days of summer, but feel more down and lethargic during the dark nights of winter. Lighting has a big effect on your mood and behaviour. Having a lot of lighting makes for a more joyful feeling. Adding lots of light with lamps can create a happier at

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