Is it time to replace your mattress?

Mattresses, like anything else in your house, wears out over time. The problem is, there are no solid signs for replacing your mattress. For instance, it’s easy to tell if you need a new roof, or new running shoes. If your roof starts to leak, or your running shoes develop a tear, then it’s time to replace them. Easy. But your mattress could look fine, yet still need to be replaced.

We use our mattresses every day, approximately 1/3 of our lifetime. And year after year, your mattress is collecting dust mites, bacteria, mold and fungus. Multiplying. This accumulation can cause asthma, allergies, rashes, and respiratory issues. So it’s important to protect and keep your mattress clean with sheets, covers and protectors. Especially, since we can’t toss the mattress in a washing machine.

Did you know: the average person replaces their mattress every 9 years, some even keep their mattress for 20 years. Would your running shoes last 9 years?

It’s important to point out that all mattresses are different, so they wear out on their own time frame. No different than their owners. Overtime our bodies change, our needs change, and mattress technology improves.

Listen to your body.

If you struggle to get out of bed each morning, then your mattress may be the cause. For instance, if you are tossing and turning throughout the night, or waking up stiff and sore, then these are calling signs that your mattress has thrown in the towel. Take a moment and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you sleeping better (or worse) than one year ago?
  2. Are you waking up stiff and sore?
  3. Does your mattress show signs of wear and tear? (ie: sags, lumps, valleys, creakiness)
  4. Would a new mattress improve your sleep?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then it’s time for a new mattress. Take a look at your mattress tag, it’s recommended that if your mattress is more than 8 years old, then it’s time to replace. Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse has tons of Serta and Signature mattresses in stock ready for Same Day Delivery! So stop resisting-a-rest and hurry into our warehouse today and let one of our sleep experts help you find the perfect mattress set!