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  • Can You Bring Your Personal Style To Your Furniture?

    In 2018 personal style has come a long way. Between hair, make up & fashion trends it’s very easy to express yourself with your personal style. So why can’t your furniture do that too? Oh, but it can!

    Let’s find out which style suits you. Read Each question and remember your answers.

    Which answer best describes you

    A) Do you like to stand out in a crowd?

    B) Do you like unique designs?

    C) Do you like to blend into the crowd?

    Pick your make up style




    Which eyeshadow Palette would you reach for?

    A )




    What appears most in your closet?

    A) Blues, Reds & Blacks

    B) Yellows, Oranges & Browns

    C) Pinks, Taupes & Creams


    Which hairstyle would you choose?

    A) Colourful

    B) Dramatic Styles

    C) Natural Colour

    Which Outfit would you wear? 






    MOSTLY A’s
    Bold Style – A strong use of contrast colours, accent pieces, textures & accessories.
    You have a bold & colourful sense of style. When it comes to furniture you shouldn’t have to settle! Tying your personal style into your furniture style should be just as fun as picking out tomorrow’s outfit or your next hairstyle. Statement pieces and different textures fill your closet so why not in your home too? At Surplus Furniture we have a ton of pieces to make your furniture POP as much as your smokey eye does.

     Vintage Style – You lean towards recreating a previous era.

    You have a unique style that loves to play with patterns & shapes. You use pieces that look timely, or pieces that were a popular colour or was a popular pattern used frequently from the past. What better way to use your style than to decorate your home with funky furniture and playful shaped pieces! Picking out furniture that suits your style is important to you because you want to have just as much funk as your new bell-sleeved top! Just because you have a unique style, that doesn’t mean you have to dull down your home and Surplus Furniture knows just how to avoid that!

    Natural Style – You use lots of natural/neutral lighting, colours and pieces that are simplistic and have a traditional appeal.
    You have a traditional eye when it comes to fashion & furniture! You love coming home to a place that feels just as warm and cozy as your new knit sweater, but also matches that new nude lipstick that you picked up at the Sephora sale this past weekend! When decorating your home you want someone who knows that you want your house to be warm and natural with lots of natural lighting, large lounging pieces and a fancy center piece to top off that gorgeous table. At Surplus Furniture we can help you piece together your dream home with your traditional taste.

    Come on in to your local Surplus Furniture Store, check out and try out the furniture that fits your style best! With same day delivery, Don't pay for 1 year and our iSave best price guarantee you don’t have to wait for comfort or style!

  • Design On a Dime!

    Years go by and trends change frequently; not everyone can afford to completely redecorate every few years. In this article we are going to show you budget-friendly ways to decorate & still follow up-to-date design trends.

    Accessorize to Revitalize

    The secret is to accessorize. We aren’t going to tell you to buy new furniture, we’re going to show you ways to work with the furniture that you already have and how to dress it up!

    The first step in redecorating a room is to look at what colours you want to work with or what colours are already in that room. Let’s say you have a gray couch with blue tones in it; you could add some blues to tie the room together. Or if your tv stand is black, you might want to pick out other décor items that have a black frame or finish, so everything is cohesive or at least matching to look more put together.

    Use area rugs, lamps, mirrors, coffee & side tables, TV stands & wall art to help revamp your room!

    Wall art is one of the easiest ways to liven up or revamp a room. You can tie a whole room together with just a few pieces of art! Use nature shots, cityscapes, buildings, texture, geometric or even text! It adds personality to any room you add it to. Like I mentioned above, you can pull colours from your furniture that is already there to pull a room together. You can also use complimentary colours if you don’t want the room to be too monochromatic.

    If you aren’t sure what colours work together, take a look at the colour wheel below! Complimentary colours are 2 colours that work well together. Complimentary colours, are two colours opposite each other on the colour wheel. So if you have a ton of purples in your décor and want to add another colour to liven the room up, you could add a warm yellow. Yellow and purple are complimentary colours, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the two clashing. Be creative and have fun.

    Area rugs come in all shapes, sizes, designs and textures. They can really liven up a dull room! If all of your furniture has busy/bold patterns or textures to it, you can add a simple rug to bring it all together, or if your furniture is simplistic a bold rug can liven up the room and add some character.

    If you have a hand me down coffee table or one that is quite old, it may make your room look outdated. Coffee tables are incredibly inexpensive, yet incredibly effective! Replacing one table can make the world of a difference when redesigning a room, almost like you completely redid your living room! Old and scratched up tables can make your room look worn out; bringing in a new polished table can really modernize your space.

    Another wall décor item that can easily help decorate any room is a clock. Clocks come in so many different shapes, sizes & patterns it can add many personalities to your space! Just like wall art, if your walls don’t have much on them and you don’t have many busy patterns going on in the room, a fun geometric-shaped clock can liven it up! If you have enough patterns in your room, a simplistic clock can even out your décor.

    A super simple way to brighten up your room is with throw pillows. You can choose any pattern, design, colour you like with pillows! There is no limitation in variety with pillows! Throw pillows can easily bring together a room with your choice of colours.

    When you visit your local Surplus Furniture Mattress & Warehouse, we love to help you design your rooms, while saving money in the process. We want to make your furniture visions become a reality.

  • We Are Now Selling Lifetime Furniture Products!

    Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse has always been focused on supporting local vendors and communities. With over 30 locations across the Country, Surplus Furniture store is proud to offer Canadians amazing deals on the brands they know, at prices they love. As part of our focus on supporting local, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with Lifetime Furniture!

    Lifetime Furniture is based in the Greater Toronto Area, and they have been serving Canadians since 1989. They strive to provide stylish, durable, and comfortable designs, and they use 100% Canadian lumber.

    The Lifetime Furniture collection includes an incredible array of sofas, loveseats, and sectionals. Here is what else you need to know: Continue reading

  • Furniture for Small Space Living: The Strehela Sofa

    With our population continuing to rise along with the cost of housing, small space living is becoming a lot more common among young city dwellers and even the older population deciding to downsize. This growing trend won’t seem to die down anytime soon.

    Adjusting to a small space living arrangement poses a few challenges (such as moving/transporting furniture). Thankfully Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse has a smart and attractive solution!

    Enter the Strehela Silver Sofa & Loveseat: Continue reading

  • Employee Profile: Bill Gill, Grand Falls, Windsor, ON

    There is more to our meaning of "The Surplus Difference". While quality furniture and service sets us apart from the others, our fun culture and high-energy work environment makes it an attractive place to work. We are always on the lookout for energetic career-minded team members and encourage our employees to share their experiences working with us!

    Bill Gill is the Store Manager in our Grand Falls Location and has been a valuable employee for two years. We're extremely excited to share his story: Continue reading

  • Stay in Your Lane: The Heritage Collection by Lane Furniture

    This week we are proud to showcase our Lane Home Essentials Collection: Our commitment to quality allows us to ensure the most comforting experience for a competitive price. We only carry quality products from advanced and reputable manufactures. Lane is just one of the many brands that we carry. Their brand story and their commitment to advanced technology certainly sets them apart. Here’s a look at their history: Continue reading

  • 4 Quick & Easy Storage Tips For Your Space

    Whether you’re living in a tiny apartment with limited space or in a sprawled-out home, storage is something we never seem to have enough of. Lately there has been a shift in focus towards smaller spaced living further reinforcing the importance of maximizing your space while tapping into smart and creative ways to achieve this.

    One of the most efficient ways is through proper storage and we’re pleased to offer a few tips. Continue reading

  • The Cycle of Success

    When it comes to off-road biking, 12-year-old Kaiden Trudel Whan is no stranger to success! With so many trophies in so many BMX competitions, it’s no wonder that Kaiden is well on his way to championship status. Continue reading

  • 6 Things You Should Know About About Our Protection Plan

    Warranties are a funny thing; most of us scoff at the cost of a warranty at the time of purchase, thinking “what could possibly happen”, or “warranties never seem to cover anything if something does happen” so we smile while declining to purchase the extended warranty.

    However, it’s a decision we always regret when something does happen, and we hear those fateful words “Did you purchase the extended warranty?”. Continue reading

  • 4 Things You Should Know About iSave

    One of the benefits of shopping at Surplus Furniture & Mattress is the simplicity of it all. Our hassle-free and no-frills approach combined with our ability to offer a highly competitive pricing makes shopping at our stores a satisfying experience.

    At Surplus Furniture you won’t have to worry about hidden costs or even wonder who’s paying for all that fancy showroom displays with all the bells and whistles. What you see is what you get…and what you get is simply the lowest possible price on brand name good quality furniture. Continue reading

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