How to Protect Your Leather Sofa

leather_After purchasing a leather sofa, the first thing is to ensure its protected. Proper maintenance can prolong the life of your furniture; improper maintenance will reduce the life of the piece and effect the overall comfort.

Below are some tips to help you take care of your leather furniture.

1. General Maintenance
Before use, it's recommended you protect the piece with a leather care agent. This will add a protective layer to help protect the leather from dust and make daily cleaning easier.

● First, find a soft, clean towel. Wet the towel with clean water and wring out. Then wipe the surface of the sofa slightly and gently.

● Apply leather care agent on the towel and wipe the surface of the sofa once or twice.

● After this step, a layer of film will be apparent on the surface. The basic step of a leather sofa protection is done!

● Repeat this step every two to three months.

2. How to deal with stains

If the leather surface gets dirty, like an oil stain, or a ballpoint pen, use leather care agent to clean it off. If you don’t have a bottle of leather cleaner, you can also use a clean white towel with a little bit of aqua vitae on it. Wipe the stains lightly and carefully, then use a dry towel with a little bit of water to wipe the surface again. Follow up with the leather care agent to add a protective layer to the surface of the leather. Make sure you do not use cleaning solvents, varnish, abrasive cleaners, detergent soaps or ammonia to clean the leather or soap or too much water as it may can cause more damage to the surface.

3. The Environment
Do not keep your leather sofa cold, hot or wet temperatures for a long time. Low, cold temperatures will cause the leather surface to frost, harden, crack, and stiffen, which could greatly reduce the life of a leather sofa. High, hot temperatures would cause the surface to crack and become ashy. Heat draws moisture out of the surface, so leather conditioners can reduce these reactions. It’s a good practice to change the position of a leather sofa periodically, to avoid direct sunlight on a single position. This will avoid discolouration and cracking. Wet temperatures would cause the skin of the leather sofa to crowfoot and crack, so it is important to avoid any sweat on the leather during the summer months. Keep the house well ventilated and wipe the surface of the leather often while keeping the leather surface clean.

At Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse, we have several different furniture care kits for you to choose from. The Leather Care Kits include a cleaner and conditioner; it’s non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, environmentally safe, and safe for children. When you run out of cleaners and conditioners, simply come into our warehouse and purchase a replacement bottle to keep your leather looking like new! We are committed to keeping your investment protected!

Check out our Warranty to see what else you can do to help protect your leather furniture.