Importance of a Mattress Protector

Importance of a Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors are important for two major reasons: keeping your mattress free of stains, and preventing exposure to dust mites, microbes, and other potential allergens. While mattress protectors are beneficial in other areas, these are the most important.

Free of Stain Mattress
Did you know that even the smallest stain on your mattress will void your mattress warranty? A smudge of dirt, blood stain or a spilled juice drink stain will void your valuable warranty, meaning that the manufacturer will not honor any claim on your stained mattress. Most mattresses are not cheap; a warranty can be very valuable and important. It is in every person's interest to protect the mattress warranty as best as possible. So it is important that your mattress protector is waterproof.

Protecting Your Health while Sleeping

Mattress Protector
The use of a mattress protector is often recommended to individuals who are known to be susceptible to certain kinds of allergies, especially dust mites. Dust mites produce waste products that irritate the lining of the airways and lungs, causing allergic reactions, such as asthma, skin irritations, chest pains or tightness and wheezing. Children are particularly susceptible. A full zippered encasement allergen filtration mattress protector can provide an extra layer of protection between you and your mattress, filtering allergens that are known to trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.
Make sure that your mattress protector is waterproof. Mattress protectors reduce allergy symptoms by reducing the ability of mold to grow in a mattress. Mattress protectors which can be easily disinfected are commonly used in children's nurseries and health care facilities.
Don't forget about comfort, some mattress protectors are made of a thin vinyl material which can easily rip, or let off a subtle plastic smell, leaving your sleep uncomfortable. At Surplus Furniture our mattress protector is made of natural bamboo, which wicks away moisture while you sleep, thus regulating your temperature during winter and summer.

Bed Bug Protector
For protection against bed bugs, the mattress and box spring must both be fully enclosed with no possible openings. Zippered cases are commonly used for this purpose. This prevents new bed bugs from getting into the mattress and box spring, and traps any bed bugs that are already inside. Bed Bug protectors must be left on for at least a full year to make sure that the trapped bed bugs and their eggs die. If the cover is taken off early, the bed bug infestation may relapse.

At Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse, we carry a wide variety of mattress protectors that will ensure the best comfort and protection for your family, all at factory direct prices.