Cool_Gel_Memory_foamTop of the line luxury mattress sets; We have got you covered. Are you looking for a top of the line luxury bed? We have them! In our store you don’t need to spend thousands. Many of our luxury beds contain gel memory foam. If you have never tried it, I would definitely recommend it. We have had amazing feedback on the Gel Memory Foam and most luxury beds contain it. So what is Gel Memory Foam anyways, to start, let's first discuss memory foam. Memory foam was designed by NASA back in the 1970's to improve seat cushioning and crash protection for pilots and passengers. It's made from a substance called Viscoelastic. It's incredibly soft and energy absorbent, which means that it minimizes impact. How does it work? Well, memory foam reacts to heat and pressure, by molding to the contours of your body, evenly distributing all the weight. The foam returns to it's original shape, once the pressure is removed. The only real negative side of memory foam is the fact that it retains heat, due to it's closed cell structure. That's where Gel Memory Foam comes in, it contains all the benefits of memory foam mattress with one important benefit. Tiny cooling gel beads. These cooling gel beads allow more airflow in the foam, which regulates the temperature throughout the night, making for a comfortable sleep. The cooling beads also make the foam stronger, so you don't sink as deeply into the mattress. If you have any aches and pains, gel memory foam is designed to take away pressure from pressure points and give you a cool pressure free sleep. The feedback on these beds really has been phenomenal; including those with serious pain issues, back issues, and aches and pains. It’s pretty cool (literally), and comfy! We have different densities as well, for those who enjoy a plush soft feeling and for the people who enjoy a nice firm sleep, we have got you covered. Need a mattress for the Spare Room? We’ve got it! We have mattresses starting at just $98. If you don’t need a top of the line luxury bed we have some beautiful mattresses that are very very affordable. We also have a 100% free layaway program. There is no interest, no storage fees, and as soon as you pay off your pieces you can take them home! Do you know where we are located? We currently are working on expanding and may have a store near you!