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    Know Your Mattress

    Know Your Mattress

    Are you constantly tired? Do you wake up with aches and pains? Perhaps it’s time to replace your mattress. Fun fact, did you know experts recommend changing your mattress every 8 years. When was the last time you replaced your mattress?

    Like so many things in life, when shopping for a mattress, it’s what’s inside that counts. Quality is found in the details and are vital when you are shopping for a new mattress. So let’s take a few minutes and explore the 3 key layers that make up a quality mattress and the variety of options you can fin

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    The Do's & Don'ts Of Mattress Care

    Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse wants to make sure you get the most out of your mattress and can enjoy it for years to come. Follow these Do’s and Don’ts to ensure you are taking proper care of your mattress. Do Use A Mattress Protector Protect your Mattress and Your Health using a mattress protector prevents your mattress of spills and exposure to dust mites, microbes and other potential allergens. A mattress protector keeps your mattress clean, some stains on your mattress will void the warranty, purchasing a mattress protector will protect you from a denied warranty claim if something happens to your mattress. Do Use The Appropriate Bed Frame Be sure that you are using the proper size of bed frame and that it is meant for the

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    9 Health Benefits Of An Adjustable Mattress Foundation!

    Some of the health benefits of using an adjustable foundation base are:

    • Reduces Back & Sciatic Nerve Pain
    • Enhances Circulation
    • Reduces Acid Reflux & Heartburn
    • Relieves Arthritis
    • Eases Insomnia
    • Alleviates Sleep Apnea, Asthma & Snoring
    • Improves Digestion
    • Enhances Lifestyle
    • Provides IndependenceSee more for in depth information and features of our adjustable foundation.
    1. Reduces Back & Sciatic Nerve Pain: An Adjustable Foundation reduces back pain by reducing the stress and pressure put on your sciatic nerve. When you raise the head of your foundation it positions your body in a ergonomically correct position to relieve the pain and tension in your body.
    2. Enhances Circulation: Throughout the night the Foundation will keep your body in the prime position for proper circulation. Adjusting the Foundation to reduce

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    Brand New 2020 Mattress Line Up!

    Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehoue is introducing the brand new Serta & Simmons 2020 Mattresses! Read about the benefits of each new mattress here: The New Serta Mattresses: Denali Firm Mattress Set The Denali Queen is a Tight Top Firm Mattress part of Serta's SleepTrue Collection featuring a Serta foam core with Serta Comfort Fibres and Serta Pillowsoft Foam for extra support.

    • Individually Pocketed Coil System reacts to every contour of your body to promote a great feeling of support and body alignment
    • Comfort Luxe® Gel Fibre provides enhanced cushioning while wicking away moisture that can cause uncomfortable heat build-up
    • Best Edge® Foam Encasement provides edge support helps prevent edge roll-off
    • Serta® Pillowsoft™ Foam helps provide pressure relieving comfort
    • CertiPUR-US®: When buying a mattress that contains CertiPUR-US® certified foam, you can rest easily, knowing

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    How To Care For Your Pillows

    You know that your mattress absorbs dust, bacteria and harmful microbes, but did you know the same happens with your pillow? Some people go straight to buying new pillows when theirs loses it's freshness but most pillows can be washed in a regular laundry cycle and dried to nearly “good as new.”  To keep the your pillow fresh and clean you should be washing your pillow weekly, just as you do your bed sheets. Remove the pillow case, you can wash the case along with your pillow, but you want to separate the two so they can get as clean as possible. Most synthetic, poly-filled pillows can be easily washed and dried. You might be surprised to know that you can even wash and dry some feather or d

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    The Benefits Of A Mattress Protector

    At Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse we carry a variety of Health Protectors for your mattress and pillows. Find out how health protectors protect you, your mattress and your pillow. 1. Protect your Mattress and Your Health – Prevents your mattress of spills and exposure to dust mites, microbes and other potential allergens. 2. Keep Your Mattress Clean – Some stains on your mattress will void the warranty, purchasing a mattress protector will protect you from a denied warranty claim if something happens to your mattress. 3. Hygienic Sleep Environment – For those prone to allergies and eczema or asthma, mattress and pillow protectors are even more important. Studies have found that

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    Serta Motion Beds

    Introducing motion beds by Serta! What fantastic news we have this month. Not only have we just introduced our NEW Serta Mattress Line (Exclusive to Surplus Furniture), we are also rolling out our NEW motion frame. SERTA Adjustable Motion Bed Frame       The NEW Serta Motion adjustable foundation allows you to adjust the head and foot of your mattress, so you can find the perfect level of comfort and support. This upgraded design features: Wireless remote: allows you to easily raise and lower the head and foot of the mattress without the hassle of wires. One-touch zero gravity: allows you to adjust your legs to a higher level than your heart helping relieve pressure off the lower back and promote circulation. Easy Connect: Easily synchronizes

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    Features & Benefits of a Pillow Top Mattress

    Pillow top mattresses represent the pinnacle of luxury in the bedding industry. They are often associated with the finest mattresses in the world. In addition to being associated with luxury, pillow top mattresses provide several benefits to its users. Let’s take a look at four of the biggest benefits of using a pillow top mattress. Comfort A luxury pillow top gently contours to your body and automatically adjusts to the different pressure points of the body. This allows you to be fully supported during sleep and provides you with maximum comfort. The contouring of the pillow top allows less disturbing motion, which can often hinder a good night’s rest. A pillow top mattress generally will absorb the movement of someone’s sleeping partner, thus helping provide undisturbed rest. Given all these reasons, a pillow top mattress might be the most comfortable and best mattress available on the market today. Less Pain The extra cushioning of a

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    Mattress Shopping

    Choosing a new mattress is an important decision – you need to be absolutely certain that the mattress you pick is going to be suitable for you, as it could impact your sleep for the next ten or fifteen years! There are many mattress types and sizes of mattresses, so be prepared before you shop. Know your Budget The first thing you should do before you head out to shop for mattresses is know how much you're willing to spend. Check your local mattress stores' flyers or web sites to see what's on sale. Make notes of model names and numbers that are within your price range, and when you get to the store, ask to see those specific models. Look for the Mattress Features, Not Names Be aware, the name of the mattress means nothing, it's how the mattress is made that is important. So knowing what is inside the mattress is key, and will save you tons of money. You want to look for a quality made mattress at an unbelievable value. For instance, you

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    Importance of a Mattress Protector

    Importance of a Mattress Protector

    Mattress protectors are important for two major reasons: keeping your mattress free of stains, and preventing exposure to dust mites, microbes, and other potential allergens. While mattress protectors are beneficial in other areas, these are the most important.

    Free of Stain Mattress Did you know that even the smallest stain on your mattress will void your mattress warranty? A smudge of dirt, blood stain or a spilled juice drink stain will void your valuable warranty, meaning that the manufacturer will not honor any claim on your stained mattress. Most mattresses are not cheap; a warranty can be very valuable and important. It is in every person's interest to protect the mattress warranty as best as possible. So it is important that your mattress protector is waterproof.

    Protecting Your Health while Sleeping Mattress Protector

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